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    I need help.

    This is regarding the Apad Mid Android Tablet OS 2.2 Do i need to convert all the video format or can play directly from the apad without any conversation? Means i just have to transfer all the video files into player and can watch it without any problem? I have been searching for this...
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    Android Tablet

    Android tablet OS 1.6 Hi guys, i need help. For the video format of this tablet, do we need to convert the video or we can play directly in the player without the conversion? Any format of the video
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    Android Tablet

    Okay. Here is the problem: I just got this android tablet. When i opened the video in the local disk, it played normally. No lag or stuck. So, i thought everything was fine until i inserted the thumb drive into the device, i tried to play the video in the thumb drive, cos thats the only way to...