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  1. wmwinn

    Who makes this tablet?

    It's called a T7... specs look good, but would like to know what you Samsung CPU experts think. T7 7in Capacitive 1.2GHz Samsung CPU Android 2.2 HDMI thanks, - Mark -
  2. wmwinn

    Haipad G10 - replacement screen digitizers

    I have two Haipad G10 tablets with broken screens. Here is the link from where I bought the devices (but the pics are not quite what I received). HaiPad G10 Android 2.1 Tablet PC - GPad 7 inch Multi Touch Screen Telechips TCC8902 WiFi 1080P Android SmartPhone | Android Tablet PC | China...
  3. wmwinn

    Dish remote AND Slingplayer apps don't work!

    These two apps install just fine, but immediately close after opening. Anybody else having this problem? Sent from my M701 using the AndroidTablets app
  4. wmwinn

    How to hibernate?

    What is the secret to getting your tablet to hibernate? I see a screen timeout setting, but what needs to be set in the Android OS to allow the device to go into hibernation mode? I'm getting tired of powering on/off every time. If other users have their tablets sleeping or hibernating -...
  5. wmwinn

    Moonse E7002 - Android noob questions

    I received the Moonse E7002 apad (Telechips TCC8902, Eclipse) from merimobiles yesterday. I am very pleased with this tablet, just trying to understand the Android OS a little bit. There are two items that are really driving me crazy: 1) Every once in a while, the tablet reboots without...