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  1. code347

    Help with calendar sync.

    I just flashed Gingerbread onto this tablet and have been rebuilding my apps. One issue I have come across is that there is no check box to sync the google calendar with the stock calendar. So in turn my Launcher Pro calendar widget is not syncing. I have tried to locate the settings to sync...
  2. code347

    Open Home or Other Customizing Options

    I have d/l'ed Open Home and I like it to an extent. I like to be able to group all of my like programs into a folder, and i like the updated widgets. There seems to be some slow downs, but it is fairly customizable, but I was wondering if any of you are using something similar? Is the use of...
  3. code347

    Tapatalk Issue

    I got the Tapatalk app I could follow the Coby discussions on this forum specifically, but I ran into a problem. It was not on the main screen, as a matter of fact, there are a lot of forums listed. So I tried to search Android, and Android Tablets, and, as well as...