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  1. sandyjohnsontody

    zt 180 android 2.1 epad

    I am so frustrated. I am a senior citizen who got an epad (from China) for Christmas. It worked just great for a week. I don't know what I have done but after it comes on and is menu page, it freezes. I have had lots of people tell me or show me on video how to flash (what ever that is)...
  2. sandyjohnsontody

    Android 2.1 zt 180 10.2 screen and one old unhappy owner

    Hi there, I really hope this site can help me become a epad guru. The epad starts up ok and you can see that the programs are running, but, the touch screen seems frozen. I will beg, and plead, and love you all forever if you can get up and running again.
  3. sandyjohnsontody

    Have I bought the right epad for me?

    Hi,I have bought a new ZT-180 Epad Google Android 10.2 tablet. I want to use it to read PDF files and also books. Also, check my email, facebook, and skype. Is this the right one for me??? Thanks Sandy