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    WHICH USB 3G dongle?

    Can anybody advise me , if I can connect my Tab 2 to internet using a 3G dongle, and if yes what MAKE & MODEL ? Also what other accessory - like a USB adapter will I need and where can I get it from, as I do not see any being available at Amazon? many thanks.
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    Tab 2 7.0 & SKYPE and general Problems

    It has been almost a week since the Tab 2 was released and sufficient time for those of us who received it, to put it to some limited use. Yet I am surprised that no problems have been reported yet by anybody! For myself, couple of things I have to complain about: 1. lack of a decent User...
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    HOW reliable is .... or HAVE you dedalt with ..... ?

    This company ***** claims to be able to supply some FANCY tablets at REASONABLE prices. How good and reliable are they? Please advise.
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    How to tether Samsung Smooth SCH-U350 with A81E

    Hi Techies, Apart from being only 74 yrs. young, I am also unfortunately not too tech. wise. S o can some kind soul please guide me to: 1. Tethering-the-Samsung-Smooth-(AKA-SCH-U350)-to- Wits A81E with Nodus Rom 1101 versn. 2. BLUETOOTH: I managed to pair and transfer few contact...
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    SAVE internet news article (LARGE) to SD card for offline reading later - HOW?

    How do I save a large int. article to my SD card, so that I can read it offline later? Please advise an App which I can use in one step and how? Thanks.
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    Can this MIFI be the answer to WITS A81E and USB MODEM?

    Eversince I got my A81E in mid August from Merimobiles, I have been seeking (beseeching?) for an answer as to how best to solve the riddle of the inability to use A81E with USB Modem to access internet, where NO WIFI. I came across this gadget: Wholesale-Portable wireless Router 3G router...
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    BEGINNER's Questions - How to place an Icon/Widget(?) on Home page?

    I am not sure what it is called - Icon/widget, whatever when tapped/clicked will open a specific site - like ? How do I create that icon/widget?
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    Desparate for MID with USB Modem (3G) to use where NO WIFI

    Please can anyone suggest a 3G MIDs and USB Modems. I have been looking for a CHEAP ( < $130) MID just for Email, Ebooks and must connect to the WEB by Modem, as I will be travelling to places where NO WIFI. PLE...ASE mention the MID model name, where to buy and WHICH MODEM to use? I will be...
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    THANK you probbiethe1 - YOU are a godsend!

    I am new to this Android world. In preparation to getting a MID, I have been reading up all I can for last 4 weeks - only to get more confused everyday - especially by terminology like "Firmware", "Flashing ROM" etc. sounds stupid I know, but not to a beginner like me. I posted few questions in...
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    OUTDOOR use - HOW good connectivity by USB dongle?

    Would like to hear some comments from those who actually used a 3G dongle or SIM card slot for Intnernet connectivity. Name of MID model, Cost and which type of USB Modem dongle, price etc. Many thanks.
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    Apad with SIM or 3G?

    Hi, I will be travelling abroad where HIFI connectivity is not always easily available, but CELL phones are widely used. I am looking for 7 inch Android tablet mainly for Email, browsing, Ebooks, and either SIM slot or 3G connectivity for use where no HIFI hotspots are available. Can you...