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  1. fbales

    NVIDIA's Shield Tablet Could Be Coming Soon

    I own a Tegra Note 7, and have had it since shortly after release. The only thing to complain about, for me, is the screen is too small. I use my table a lot, every day, and I use the stylus almost everyday too. It's my go to devise, so I'm very interested in a larger tablet--IF it has a stylus...
  2. fbales

    NVIDIA Mocha tablet Specs Leaked; Tegra K1 and More

    I have a EVGA Tegra Note 7, and I'm quite pleased with it except for the size. It's too small a screen for me. I use my tablet for everything, and use it a lot. This new Nvidia tablet sounds promising, but I was hoping for a 10.1" (or 12.2") version. While 7.9" is a step up, I don't think I'd...
  3. fbales

    [Rumor] Google Nexus 8.9 Tablet Coming with Premium Price

    Disappointed. I like the 10.1" size.
  4. fbales

    Acer Unveils New Iconia Tablets Ahead of CES; Including 27-Inch AIO Android

    All this elicits from me is a big yawn.
  5. fbales

    Apple v. Samsung Damages Retrial Concludes: Samsung Now Owes Apple $290 Million More

    I'm so sick of this. I have no great love for Samsung, but Apple is beyond belief. Here's their agenda: Steal, patent, sue. Ridiculous. I am so happy seeing their market share continue to drop. They'll always have their fanboys, but thinking people like choice.
  6. fbales

    Samsung & Google Working on Next-Gen Nexus 10; Could be First Key Lime Pie Device

    I don't much like that either, but I'd buy case anyway.
  7. fbales

    Samsung & Google Working on Next-Gen Nexus 10; Could be First Key Lime Pie Device

    I'm more interested in the next interation of the Galaxy Note 10.1. Even if the Nexus 10 would have a stylus I'd still go for a Note 10.1 because I think Samsung owns this market.
  8. fbales

    Asus Announcement 4: New Transformer Pad Infinity with Retina Level Display

    Their pulling one punch. The Rear facing camera. Granted it's not a deal breaker, but why only a 5mp camera with this powerhouse?
  9. fbales

    [Rumor] Google Could Be Ready to Launch Android 5.0 Jelly Bean This Summer

    The most exciting item in this rumor is this: ". . .dual operating systemoperation using Android 5.0 or the Google Chrome . . ." Does that mean a touch version of Chrome? I'm not worried about Jelly Bean at all since I won't be in the market for another tablet for a year. I'm happy with my...
  10. fbales

    Acer & Lenovo to Launch Quad-Core Tablets in 2012

    Yes I will be getting The Beast. I've asked for a Transformer Prime for my birthday in January. (Told my wife I'd even chip in a little to get it.) :) Frank
  11. fbales

    Verizon Officially Launches Motorola Droid XYBoard Tablets

    These must have been in the works because otherwise Moto is just not in touch with reality. Really who will buy these at these prices with a contract? Especially with the arrival of Asus's Transformer Prime, and of other Tegra 3 tablets in Q1 of 2012. This is really unbelievable to me, but...
  12. fbales

    [Editorial] Could Apple's 'Siri' be More Significant than We Realize?

    In answer to your question, no. Doesn't interest me at all at this point; someday it probably will.
  13. fbales

    Samsung Dealt 3 Blows in Apple Case: Banned in Australia, Looks Bad in U.S. & More

    I'm really not a big Samsung fan. But I'll say this: Samsung should've made their tabs round. Seriously, I really don't understand patent law, but this sure seems frivolous. If Samsung was stealing technology that'd be one thing, but looking too much like an iPad? So what, they can't be...
  14. fbales

    [Rumor] Quad-Core Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 May Launch November 7th

    Honeycomb? Why wouldn't it have ice cream sandwich? Oh well, sounds great. But what I'm hoping is that you can get the Transformer 1 for around $300 after it comes out. :)
  15. fbales

    ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Sale for only $300 Bucks at Target (TODAY ONLY!)

    Sorry I missed this, but I believe this will be the permanent price by the end of November--if there are any left by then. Once the Tegra 3 Transformer comes out the price on these should really come down. At least that's what I'm hoping. :) Frank
  16. fbales

    Your "Must Have" Android Tablet Apps!

    Pretty much agree, but I switched from Evernote to Springpad--like it better, and it's totally free. Frank
  17. fbales

    Amazon Kindle Sales Estimates Halved; Still Expected to become No.1 Android Tablet

    I agree, but where we (tech inclined individuals) might make a mistake is assuming most people care. Most people aren't tech savvy, or inclined, or whatever . . . so this might look pretty good to most people, especially Kindle owners. Frank
  18. fbales

    Amazon Kindle Sales Estimates Halved; Still Expected to become No.1 Android Tablet

    I have mixed feelings about Amazon's Android tablet. I don't think spurning Google is a good idea where consumers are concerned. I was disappointed to hear that nothing "Google" would be on this tablet. Frankly, I rely on Google products/services. Sure, you'll probably be able to add Google...
  19. fbales

    Toshiba Officially Reveals New AT200 'Excite' Android Tablet

    What I'm hoping is they have A LOT of the Thrive's made and cut the price another hundred bucks.