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  1. CLSmith

    Veiwing regular web sites,not mobile site, in browser.

    I'm using the Org Galaxy Tab running android 2.3.5, stock browser. When I open my browser and type in (example), it redirects me to This seems to happen with the sites that I have a mobile app for, Wells Fargo, Amazon etc. Does any one know how to get to the...
  2. CLSmith

    Can you activate GT-P1000 on Verizon

    Do you know if you can activate this model on Verizon? I like the 16 GB internal storage. Sent from my SCH-I800 using Tapatalk
  3. CLSmith

    Wanted: bluetooth folio keyboard for VZW SGT7

    I'm looking for the correct bluethooth keyboard to work on my Verizon sch-i800 Galaxy Tab 7. I can find them for AT&T and Sprint, but not Verizon. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  4. CLSmith

    Organize Forum & subforums.

    I was not sure where to post this, so move if you need to. I like to organize. I read this forum alot, but sometimes find it difficult to find things. May I suggest that we reorganize the 'titles'. Nook(main) Nook Color(sub) Nook Tablet(sub) Nook Touch(sub) Than add these...
  5. CLSmith

    Org SGT OS

    Which Android OS is the stock SGT 7" running? Sent from my NookColor using Android Tablet Forum
  6. CLSmith

    Kindle app on SGT 7

    My friend just got a Galaxy Tab, downloaded the Kindle app and her books she has purchased aren' there. Any info of how to get her books will be much appreciated. Sent from my DROID2 using Android Tablet Forum
  7. CLSmith

    Returning Nook Tablet

    I read a good article written yesterday in The Digital Reader. He was explaining why he was returning his Nook Tablet. I have to agree with him feeling like being 'walled in' . I bought a Kindle Fire for a friend, had to play with it first, and felt the same way. I'm just used to the...
  8. CLSmith

    Highest GB micro SD card

    What's the highest GB card we can use in the NC? I have a SD CL4 32 GB card and I wanted to know if I could use it to run a CM7.1 Sent from my DROID2 using Android Tablet Forum
  9. CLSmith

    Nook Table vs Nook Color CM7 1. on SD card

    What is your opinions on this? Sent from my NookColor using Android Tablet Forum
  10. CLSmith

    Connect to Verizon 3G prepaid

    How do I connect my Org GT to Verizon prepaid account? Does anyone know who to call? I've tried Verizon contract customer service and they were no help. Is anyone else running there Tab on prepaid? Sent from my NookColor using Android Tablet Forum
  11. CLSmith

    Nook Color stock update?

    I just read there's a update coming, 1.4. Can anyone verify this or know when it's available? I found it in the Nook Color Tablet info sheets on Digital Reader. Sent from my NookColor using Android Tablet Forum
  12. CLSmith

    Tablets For Sale

    Hi, I can't find where I can post Tablets For Sale. Would someone pls direct me? Thank you Sent from my DROID2 using Android Tablet Forum
  13. CLSmith

    No option to D/L app from market

    Some apps on the the market, don't give me an option to download them. They show me the app with no bar to download. 2 examples, Uno and Scrabble. Does anybody know why? Running CM7 encore off SD card Sent from my DROID2 using Android Tablet Forum
  14. CLSmith

    Need Assistance restoring to stock, upgrading to 1.2 for manual nooter and then dual

    I would appreciate help in the direction of the correct threads for doing all this. I have a long 3 day weekend and would like to work on it. I'm not a techie, but it's sure easy to follow your 1,2,3 instructions. I know there will be at least 3 threads. When I'm finished I will want to...
  15. CLSmith

    Help-WinZip error

    I'm over in the CM7 Bootable SD thread and ran into an error when I installed WinZip 15 and tried to open the generic-sdcard-v1.1.img file. Message reads- error: WinZip only supports IMG files that are in the ISO format. Can anyone help me with this? Please:confused:
  16. CLSmith

    Soft keys not working correctly

    I was over in the thread Set up new market and went to check my settings as discribed and when I went to go Back a screen, the Back soft key would not work. So I tried the others and only the Home and Tools keys work. Need help fixing this. :confused: Step by step pls... I'm stock rooted 1.1...
  17. CLSmith

    froyo backup programs?

    I know this is off subject, but it might be info we can use on our stock NCs, I'm hoping. I'm running Stock Froyo 2.2 on my phones. Which backup program works to backup and recover your settings and apps to a phone you switch too. Thx in advance.
  18. CLSmith

    Bookmark shortcuts to home screen?

    I was trying to put some bookmark shortcuts to my home screen and it keeps failing. I press my home screen then Add item>Shortcut, and it goes right back to the home screen. It gives me no choice of what I want to add. Is there another way of putting bookmark shortcuts to home screen?
  19. CLSmith

    Dolphin HD browser

    I'm using this browser on my NC. I went to open my Quickbooks on line linc and then went to open my company and it told me i have 'pop ups blocked'. How do i disable the pop up blocker? Sent from my sdk using Android Tablet Forum App