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  1. feverhost

    Might Be A Tablet Freak, But Dunno Yet

    Hey augidog. Same here, been using tablets for about 7 years now. I have so many (probably 10+) of them my wife and daughter are into them now ha ha. Welcome to the board, and thanks for reporting that spam; I took care of it ;)
  2. feverhost

    YOGA Tablet 2 Pro Forums

    Disappointing to see this tablet not taking off like it should. I picked up one of these earlier in 2015, and I love it. HUGE battery...
  3. feverhost

    Looking For Advice on Security Apps for Tablets

    Same with me. I run Lookout on all my tablets and phones.
  4. feverhost

    [WINNERS] Super 7 Nexus 7 Tablet Giveaway!

    Woah... congratulations to all the winners.. that is awesome!
  5. feverhost

    importing tablets from china

    Although I purchased from said company... ALL companies that sponsor here are great.. I would recommend them all! :) I would suggest the following: Research before you buy. Read comments, read reviews, look at people's past experience Do they ship DHL, UPS? ALWAYS pay the extra to go with...
  6. feverhost

    Pandawill is a scam

    I don't like to give my opinions on non-sucessfull transactions with companies, but this is a company that I did have a non-successful transfer and had to file a charge back. Good luck and make sure you do your research on any company you purchase from. The sponsored companies on this website is...
  7. feverhost

    A500 4.01 ICS update happened this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ICS is a huge upgrade from HoneyComb. Congratz on the new upgrades to the A500 group :)
  8. feverhost

    importing tablets from china

    I can only comment from who I have purchased from. I ordered an Novo Elf 7" from, and so far I am happy.
  9. feverhost

    Ainol Novo 7 Elf Tablets Only $128 (10 $coupon), I received the tablet today. Everything looks great. The wife loves it, which is the most important thing. I appreciate the communication, and quick shipping. You'll get a nice review from me.
  10. feverhost

    Learn How to Easily Root Motorola Xoom 4G and Wifi to Android 4.0.3(4)

    My bad... Recovery Image. FYI.. Nightlies is now on 84...
  11. feverhost

    Ainol Novo 7 Elf Tablets Only $128 (10 $coupon)

    Yep.. I can confirm that. Very quick.. thanks a lot. Looks like a great tablet, and I'm sure my wife will love it!
  12. feverhost

    Ainol Novo 7 Elf Tablets Only $128 (10 $coupon)

    Okie... here comes an order.
  13. feverhost

    Learn How to Easily Root Motorola Xoom 4G and Wifi to Android 4.0.3(4)

    Before you start here are the links you need: ESO GApps v10.5 Motorola USB Driver EasyADB Files Recovery Image Xoom Wifi ROM Download Xoom US 4G ROM Download Xoom EU 3G Rom Download Xoom US 3G Rom Download Original Source:
  14. feverhost

    [Game] Hex Defense

    Hahaha... funny.. it just crashed on me. ;-) Sent fro my Xoom ICS 4.0.4
  15. feverhost

    [Game] Hex Defense

    Odd... it has never crashed on me. What kind of device do you have? I've played it on the Kindle Fire, Xoom, Moto RAZR, and a few other lower-end tablets.
  16. feverhost

    [Game] Hex Defense

    I have to admit, i'm addicted to this game. I've never played a game so much as Hex Defense. It's a free 'defense' game, but it's so addictive. My daughter also plays this now, and we try to beat each others score. Direct Google Play download...
  17. feverhost

    Ainol Novo 7 Elf Tablets Only $128 (10 $coupon)

    That is the problem with some distributing companies. You have to wait until the tablet gets into their shop, then they send it out. I went through hell with PandaWill over this same issue. 4 weeks later, I just ended up filing a chargeback. Last time i'll go back there...
  18. feverhost

    Ainol Novo 7 Elf Tablets Only $128 (10 $coupon)

    Is there any delay in processing? If I purchase tomorrow it will be at my door in 3-7 days?
  19. feverhost

    Ainol Novo 7 Elf Tablets Only $128 (10 $coupon)

    My wife is interested in this tablet. If we select the quickest shipping how soon can it be delivered to San Diego, California USA?
  20. feverhost

    Hello My Friends

    Hi franchet2012, welcome to the site!