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    Lenovo A2109A-F Tablet Problem

    Hello all, I have one of these tablets and I’m having problems with it, I have factory set it many times and still cannot get it to work properly. When I try to sign in the keyboard will type a 1 instead of l I have tried changing the keyboard but the tablet shows the box grey and won’t change...
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    Lenovo A2109A-F Slow Charging Fix Needed

    Can anyone help me with this problem? I have one of these tablets and noticed it was taking 24 hours to fully charge it. I have bought a new charger 2.1Amp.made no difference I have changed the battery today and that hasn't helped does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Any help given is...
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    Lenovo IdeaTab A2109A Not Responding.

    Can anyone help me with this problem please? If I try to open Chrome or Firefox and others the tablet comes up with a box saying this site is not responding and do I want to close or wait. If I click on wait it then starts working I have also noticed when I type the letters don't appear straight...
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    Lenovo tablet apps not responding problem

    Can anyone help me with this problem please? I have been given a Lenovo 9" ideatab A2109A. It was factory reset before I was given it. I have started to add different apps but when I try to open anything it says this app is not responding do I want to cancel it or wait, If I click on wait they...
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    Firmware up date failure

    Please can someone help me? I tried to update my Galaxy Tab 3 SM T210 using Kies because my tablet failed to do it. I have downloaded Kies to my laptop which was successful but the firmware upgrade that I wanted to do didn't work due to driver failure. It recognises my tablet but as a phone. Can...
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    Wondermedia WM 8850/ Eken.Mid7 W70 GSL 1680 Z7Z67 030A

    Are you able to root a Tablet that goes to the Android man with a spinning middle.?But doesn't go any further. I have a cheap 7" tablet thats supposed to be a Wondermedia WM 8850, I have since found that it is a Eken Mid 7 W70 GSL 1680 Z7Z67 030 A. Has anyone heard of these and repaired one.I...
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    Tablet Stuck On Blank Screen

    Are you able to root a Tablet that is stuck on a blank screen.? I have a cheap 7" tablet thats supposed to be a Wondermedia WM 8850, I have since found that it is a Eken Mid 7 W70 GSL 1680 Z7Z67 030 A. Has anyone heard of these and repaired one.I also found a thing called Uberoid thats supposed...
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    FWC Files

    Can anyone tell me are FWC files the same on identical tablets. Thankyou for any information
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    Wondermedia 8850

    Can anyone tell me what has happened, I have a WM 8850 it started playing up and now it won't do anything apart from allow me to open my gmail account to read mails.It has lost everything else and won't go through the full process of opening up. It goes to a blank screen with just the tool bar...
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    Galaxy Tab3. 7" tablet T210 Javascript

    Can anyone help me please, I have a Galaxy Tab3 T210, I have searched to see if it has Javascript and if so check that its enabled. I have spent a couple hours and I cannot find it. Does anyone know if it has Javascript also do I need to install Adobe flash from the archives. Thankyou for any...
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    Galaxy Tab 3 7" Tablet

    Hello to all, Can anyone help me please? I have purchased a Galaxy Tab 3 7" tablet without doing any research and wondered if there is a way to connect this tablet to a TV with the cable that came with it or do I have to purchase another. I'm wanting to watch films that I may download on the tv...
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    BBC iplayer not working

    Can anyone help, I have a 7" Wondermedia tablet running ICS, bbc iplayer used to work ok but now it plays for a couple minutes then stops. I have uninstalled it the same with media player and reinstalled them but it still won't work. I have done a factory reset, I have Adobe flash player...
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    BBC iplayer not working

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    ICS. Browser+

    Can anyone help please? I installed the ICS Browser+ last night and it worked fine, tonight when I tried it it kept saying Unfortunately ICS Browser+ has stopped. What do I have to do to get it working again? I have un-installed it and re-installed but still it won't work. any help would be much...
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    Wondermedia WM 8850

    I have a wondermedia WM 8850 and its stopped playing Filmon, BBC iplayer, I have tried using Google Chrome, Dolphin browser, and ICS Browser to open the programs they get so far like sound and then nothing. Its also running really slow. Can anyone give me any idea what is wrong.I do have Adobe...
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    Down loading music problem

    Can anyone help me please, I have a Wondermedia WM 8850,I have tried to down load music from my computer to the tablet but cannot work out how to do this, also if I connect a usb stick to play music on the tablet it will only play one song then stop.I'm not very good with gadgets so if anyone...
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    Wonder media WM 8855 stuck in recovery mode

    I have a wonder media WM 8850 and tried to do a factory reset now its stuck in recovery mode, I have tried to hold down the start button and kept pressing the volume button but it won't come out of recovery mode. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. pindero.
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    internet connection

    I hope this is in the right place sorry if not. Can anyone help me solve my problem, my tablet and phone keep losing the internet connection from excellent to fair when I'm in the living room but if I go into the bedroom where the router is the connection is excellent. I have bought a Huawei...
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    Hello from England. Pindero here.

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and new to computing. I have bought myself a Wondermedia 8850 tablet. I was hoping to teach myself how to use a basic computer.well I thought I was doing ok and downloaded BBC iplayer and TV catch up till I tried to play them back,I can only receive audio and no...