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    Ideapad K1 not booting

    After two weeks working fine, then when I turn-on "nobody home" the screen is FROZEN , has to send back to Lenovo for repair.
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    K1 , How to remove Lenovo Apps Ads ???????

    How to remove the "Lenovo Apps Ads" on the screen. :confused::confused:
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    Opinion from owners of k1

    just received K1 two days , it is kind of complicated . I had Kindle Fire before and I can used it on the first day, the Kindle Fire screen and page (another screen page) are very well organize and more simple compared to K1. After two days still dont know how does the GPS work.
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    will Ipad2 case fit the Lonovo K1 tablet ????

    I just order Lonovo K1 , and at home I have an extra IPad case . I wonder that the IPad-2 case fit the Lonovo K1 ??? Many Thanks
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    Levono K1 - HDMI output ?????

    Does Lenovo K1 has the HDMI output ?????? Thanks You. Edit: I think it does , i found it on the Lenovo specificaion sheet
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    upgrade to 3.2

    Le Pan coupons - Le Pan Tablet - Le Pan Accessories
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    Is the transformer prime good

    Ae you sure on this . My laptop always charge while I am using it , same thing with my 7" tablet.
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    Does 8GB RAM enough ???

    Does 8GB Memories on Le Pan 2 enough for: - Surfing the web. , email - About 10 Kindle e-books. - About 50 mp3 songs. - About 5 (simple) games such as: Solitare, Majong, Angry bird .... And can I download and transfer backs Kindle e-books to/from the Kindle Cloud ?? Thanks You.
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    How much for the cost of 3G/4G data plan tablet connection ????

    If I buy a tablet with 3G/4G , then how much for the cost to subscribe (data plan) the 3G/4G net work ???? For the i-phone, it's cost for data plan (3G) $15 amonth for 200MB data download , I wonder how much for the tablet data plan ??? Best Regards
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    Le Pan 3

    - Will Le pan 3 has rear camera for BOTH taking picture and movies ??? - Release date ??? (pre-order ???) - Price range ??? Best Regards Edit: Opps, found the answer Admin , if you want you can...
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    Le Pan II

    Jan/31/2012 or Dec/31/2011 ??????
  12. B do I get Netflix on my tablet???

    there is a FREE "Netflix apps", just down load that app then you are ON , very simple.
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    Please advise me on which tablet to purchase

    can you provide the link for the spec of both of them. Do you have $280 to spend. if yes then take a look at this :
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    Getting movies onto your LePan?

    ISO, AVI, MKV file format is too big, I think need to converte to MP4 to get file size smaller then copy to tablet. When converte to mp4 , do NOT choose mp4 cell phone format, choose custom mp4 with size around 640X480 . Good luck.
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    Le Pan II

    Today (Jan-26-2012) I saw Amazon takes order Le Pan II ( last week Amazon still list Le Pan II as Out of Stock) , but the delivery date is 2-4 weeks, so expect 4 weeks for delivery. I thinks I wait until the end of Feb to order Le Pan II and hope to get 2 days delivery for Amazon Prime Member ...
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    case for La Pan II ??????

    Will Le Pan II fit the Ipad-2 case "PERFECTELY" ?? If not then would you recommend another one for me . Is this one fit Le Pan II ????? Best Regards.
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    Android 2.1 - NetFlix ???

    Is that true that android 2.1 can NOT stream NetFlix ???? For streamming Netflix needs Android 2.2 and latter ?? Thanks You.
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    SPE mall - custom fees ??

    On the SPE-maill they said NO shipping , do I have to pay for custom fee ? if yes then how much for California-Los Angeles resident ??? Thanks.
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    is TF card = micro SD card ??

    I take a look to some of the China tablet on SPE-mall, they said : -Extend Card: Support TF card up to 16GB extended So is TF card is micro SD card ??? if yes, then why don't the printed micro-SD card ?? Thanks.
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    Resistive and capative display ????????

    What is the difference between RESISTIVE and CAPATIVE display ????? and the pro. and con. of those two display ?? Best regards.