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  1. lorenii

    {REQ} NAVIONICS:Australia & New Zeland HD

    Jump over to the Sylvania Tablets area and there is a Google Apps thread to show how to do it. Also, you can download it to your phone and it will be in the temp files.
  2. lorenii

    you CAN take the 10" tab apart.

    I just did it. There is a GOOD chance that you will crack your screen if you are not careful. DO NOT try to take off just the screen, thinking that it is glued on and that is the only way in... It is NOT. The screen is glued ONTO a frame that just snaps into the back plate. From what I can...
  3. lorenii

    SYNET7LP-DS Camera Stopped Working

    They email your labels to you and usually the same day. Check your junk mail box. Mine always ended up in there for some reason.
  4. lorenii

    TechVendetta ROM Developement

    Who is this TechVelveta guy anyhow!?!?! :cool:
  5. lorenii

    lost my charger

    Hope the OP hasn't purchased one yet. These tablets are not designed to charge via USB. Dig thru my posts and you will see pics of the various chargers that DigitalGadgets use for their tablets.
  6. lorenii

    Working Flash

    Just download it from Google Play. Version 11
  7. lorenii

    Synet7lp-DS Hidden Port

    Looks like a full size SD port.... and what in the hell did you use to 'crack open' the case? A jackhammer?
  8. lorenii

    Definitive difference between 2 7.0 and 7.0 plus

    I have the tab 2 7.0 and the battery lasts forever.... like days forever and that is with it sitting on my desktop, updating weather radar every 10 minutes. It may be in low power mode most of the time, but when I tap the power button, it comes right back online and keeps on rockin'.
  9. lorenii

    Bought one this week

    Cracked my cell's hotspot firewall and now I get to use it as my mobile wifi for the tab. Now I have realtime navi and radar! Plus I "duct tape engineered" a mobile 'mount' for the tab in my chase Suburban that is virtually bullet proof. Now to build a laptop arm with radio mounts and I will...
  10. lorenii

    HDMI adapter

    I have never messed with the micro HDMI ports on any of the tablets I have owned. It just seems like a lot of draw on the tiny video chip. I am too afraid of burning up the video and having a worthless tablet.
  11. lorenii

    Bought one this week

    Yes. I am using wifi tether on my cell for the live radar data download. Once you load up google maps, your navigation and street view via wifi, you can use it for navigation with no wifi, just the built in GPS.
  12. lorenii

    Bought one this week

    I haven't had a chance to really mess with it yet, but from what I see, I really think that I am going to like it a lot. I bought it for the Bluetooth and GPS. I have a couple of other tablets, a $99 Sylvania 7" and a $189 Sylvania 10" and they IMO are junk. This tablet is like getting out...
  13. lorenii

    sytab7mx Network location using maps

  14. lorenii

    SYNET7LP-DS charger question

    No problem! Post up a pic of it so others can see the difference in the plugs!
  15. lorenii

    SYNET7LP-DS charger question

    So, I guess I can't help huh? Sorry.
  16. lorenii

    SYNET7LP-DS charger question

    SYTABEX7 on the left and SYTAB10MT on the right. Virtually the same. Just a .5 amp output difference, but same plug on the end. Just looked and the plug I got from my FIRST tab (SYNET7LP) from CVS had the same plug as the EX7.
  17. lorenii

    TechVendetta ROM Developement

    I smell like plastic cups. (a.k.a.- Fixed it! Thanks TechV)