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    Out of Space Application could not be viewed

    First off, my device has been rooted and I am running the Honeycomb HCV13.0-B20. Internal Memory Max 261.0 Mo Free 90.2Mo SD Card Max 2786.12 Mo Free 2675.4 Mo I have plenty of available space "or so I think", and should be able to download this app from Amazon apps for free today. I...
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    HBO GO on Coby 7015 rooted ROM updated by tipster

    Has anyone been successful in getting HBOGO to work on the 7015? I am unable to download it from the google apps store. But I can find it on my PC. Strange
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    Problems playing music

    I loaded the B18CMP and i use ES File explorer and go to my music folder. I select a song to play and Meridian loads the song and i hear it but i get an error message sorry the application meridian has stopped unexpectedly. Is anyone else having this problem??