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    First Time Use- Can You "Prime" The Battery?

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIRST TIME USE- CAN YOU "PRIME" THE BATTERY ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a quick hello to all the people who answered my question about a "good buy"...
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    Virus Attack

    virus attack first let me exlain- i do not have direct, at home internet access. i have an old dell-pc, windows premium home vista, which is fine for my limited needs. i go to the library, which gives me an hour a day, and i can save to usb. then i got a proscan plt7100g, pl-bt-8gb-k. the...
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    can you recommend a good manual?

    yes, i am one of those guys who got a 7"inch internet tablet . case & keyboard.. from biglots! at the library i ordered some books on it. they have a couple of "androids for dummies", i am sure i will get a lot of use , but the next time i am going through ebay, is there a particular book i...