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    GPS and map storage queston

    Copilot has been working for me but I had to manual edit the user.cfg file swapping /sdcard/external for everywhere it had /sdcard I've got the whole USA on the card but in pieces. It's a good buy at $10 for the USA. Edit: actually, I'm running Copilot v8.2 which apparently isn't the latest...
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    Vizio mount point for sdcard/external and Copilot

    Wait, wait! I just ran the Copilot update and for the heck of it editted the user.cfg again, replacing the same /mnt/sdcard with /mnt/sdcard/external and it's placing the maps on the actual external SDcard! I'm delighted! Of course there are a few oddities. When I load maps, it is apparently...
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    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

    That only works if you have not performed that lastest Vizio 1.5 update. Sadly, 1.5 is the only currently available update and the 1.4 fixed the laggy slowness of the VTab that earned the poor reviews. So out of the box, you can choose laggy and no update; or the 1.5 update and no root.
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    Feelings on the VTAB1008?

    Yesterday I held up my VTab next to the Nook Color and the Nook tablet for my wife to look at side-by-side. I'm buying her something for Christmas. She totally dissed the Nooks. She thought the Nook screens had a wierd aspect ratio; she liked the higher res and larger width of the VTab. She...
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    Warning to New VTAB Owners

    The sad thing is that I would disagree with almost every post in this thread and believe them to be misleading, except yours but then I disagree with your conclusion; Vizio took root away to block export of the free trial sofware and labelled the memory in such a way to avoid having to include a...
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    Just bought VTAB1008, having second thoughts

    I think the Vizio is by far the best price/performance/features going right now, excepting a couple of the Black Friday deals. My thoughts: Pro: -I far prefer a 7" tab for reading books -beautiful screen -I like the offscreen soft buttons -Bluetooth for headset and OBDII, GPS for nav with...
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    GPS app?

    Any 1.5A or better USB cigarette plug adapter will work but these output 5V. I imagine a 12V output would fry it. Some tablets do use 12v e.g. Pandigital.
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    Other charger options?

    It's the current. All my >1.5A chargers work fine. Others charge for a few minutes and then turn off. With the tab turned off, it the lightning mark turns off but it does charge very slowly, like over night. Try for cheap solutions. They also have cheap adapters from...