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    problems connecting tablet to pc

    am i doing something wrong?:confused: I am trying to connect my pc to the tablet via usb. The tablet is a g10 haipad 2.1 android OS. Recently bought for a xmas present for my daughter. When the tablet is connect a usb logo is shown on the top of the tablet & the pc pings to identify something...
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    transferring e book from pc to Haipad M701

    Hi Having problems trying to transfer a e book to my daughters Haipad M701. The book format is EPUB DRM. This operated on the pc with Adobe digital editions. I have attached the tablet to the pc. The tablet acknowledged the pc but the pc did not. Also transferred the epub to a sd memory card...
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    what is rooting

    My appologies what is rooting plus what is the advantages in doing so. I am a complete novice in this. I have a haipad g10 telechips tablet. cheers graham:confused::confused:
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    problem downloading nook ebook for android

    can anyone help. I cannot locate the 'nook' app for ebook reading. I have been on the web site saying it canbe downloaded either by the app in the marketplace. (Cannot find this app) Or by scanning the provided barcode on the website. Could not scan this barcode. I have used various scanning...
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    android apps restrict adult content

    hi can anyone tell me how to put restrictions on whats can be downloaded from the android market place onto my daughters tablet? Is it possible to prevent certain items be downloaded? Thanks graham:confused:
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    novice / clueless on the tablet android device

    Hi all i am from the wirral. I am learning as much as ia can so i casn assist my daughter. I have bought a g10 haipad for her as a surprise. Recieved it yesterday. All ok at present, basic stuff working. E mail set up, but trying to get the best app's/ area locating books for her. I will...