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  1. Makinnard

    looking for a good fps

    does anyone know of any good fps games that are compadibal on my OG transformer? sine i cant get any gameloft games im at a loss for a good games to play on my tablet
  2. Makinnard

    Galaxy player 5.0

    I was wondering if the galaxyplayer will be geting ICS or how can I get it on here
  3. Makinnard

    galaxy player possible root?

    I was wondering if there is a root out that works on a samsung galaxy 5.0 and if there is I like to know how to do it now so do not have a desktop computer so we can be done with the device
  4. Makinnard

    error listing file????

    When I download a zipfile on my galaxy mp3 player running 2.3.5 I get that error when I try to extract the files using astro manager
  5. Makinnard

    galaxy 5in mp3 player helo

    Today I purchased a Samsung Galaxy 5in mp3 player that us running OS 2.3.5 android. I need help putting emulator Tom's on to play gameboid emulator but when u download the zip file I open the astro file manager but when I go to extract the file it gives me an error
  6. Makinnard

    how to-- edit music titles/artist for music player

    i was wondering how to edit well read the title ^.^ but really when i go into my music application (doubletwist) i have songs that are misslabled and/or missing artis information and i wanted to know how edit those informatin this so i can listen to my music in peace. tbh it bugs me when im...
  7. Makinnard

    Cell standby on a wifi tablet?

    I downloaded an app from the market place that has battery info and some oter things and i notced under things that are using the battery the cell stand by thin is using alot of my battery. first question is why is cell standby in on a wifi only tablet and is there a way to remove it with out...
  8. Makinnard

    printing to a wifi printer?anon printer also that is on the same wifi network.

    i was wondering if it is possible to print things off og my tablet ex. pictures webpages documents ect. i do have a canon printer on the same wifi network -Magnum- Transformer TF101 w/ mobile dock
  9. Makinnard

    sd reader nub needs help

    i was wondering when i take my sd card and i put it intoa sd card reader and plug it into my desktop i cant find it on my pc to open it and add my music and movies. -Magnum- Transformer TF101 w/ mobile dock
  10. Makinnard

    bluethoot or usb?

    i am looking at getting a mouse for my tablet when it is being use with my dock but i need help deciding on a bloothtooth or usb. is there any advantage over one or the other? Thanks, Magnum Transformer TF101 w/ mobile dock
  11. Makinnard

    Transformer dock USB problem

    my brand new docking station for my transformer the usb port are not reconizing anything i plug in. i have had a usb mouse in the dock yesterday and it worked. but now it is not finging it. my usb drive lights up when it i being reconized but now it will not Transformer TF101 w/ mobile dock
  12. Makinnard

    usb help from a noob

    where can i find my usb storage. i inserted my usb drive into my moblie dock for the Transformer and im not sure where to find it in order to open files. i have tryed to look under file management but its not there.. Thanks Magnum Transformer TF101 w/ mobile dock
  13. Makinnard

    New transformer dock owner needs help!

    my dock for my tranformer came in the mail to day and i love it well all for one thing... the cursor seems to run slow and is very groogy and laggy on the homepage (desktop) and in most apps. it also make the tablets framerate drop while n app if you try to use the dock in any way while the...
  14. Makinnard

    Video Editing Software

    Is there any good video editors out there for the android I have tried some that are in the market but they found work and are junk Sent from my Transformer TF101
  15. Makinnard

    Video editor?

    I as a low level video editor just starting out I was wondering if there is a video editor that is availibal on a tablet? Sent from my Transformer TF101
  16. Makinnard

    NDS EMulator?

    wondering if there is a working NDS emulator out there? i have nds4droid but it does not open any roms i have downloaded...or where can i get roms that work with it?
  17. Makinnard

    Open ZIP files?

    i was wondering if its possible to view zipfiles on a tablet that have been downloaded?
  18. Makinnard

    gameloft transformer support?

    why doesent gameloft support the transformer? there are many games that i want to buy but none of the good games are not availibe on the Transformer Anyone now why?
  19. Makinnard


    Does any one have any recommended accessories for the TF? I do have a case and I'm getting the dock for xmas Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Android Tablet Forum
  20. Makinnard

    How to?

    I was wondering how to back up my apps and app data in to my SD card Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Android Tablet Forum