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  1. surya kumar

    "Need To Know" Things Before Buying New Phone

    It's the period of all splendid, propelled cell phones, contraptions. Flexible are taking marvelous part in all So which Do you like the most out off all open Here are a couple centers reg which to consider More RAM Might Not Improve Performance: High Megapixels Limit as all selfie and web...
  2. surya kumar

    Saving In MicroSD

    May be it give some more info regarding it Fix SD card write permission in Kitkat and Lollipop
  3. surya kumar

    Looking For An 8 Inch Tablet With USB OTG

    Did you tried Lenovo yoga or else you can search in these which can fulfills your requirements. The best tablets you can buy right now
  4. surya kumar

    How To Determine Which Tablet Brands Support New Netflix Functionality

    Hi may be you can check this
  5. surya kumar

    Com.sts In Android 4.1.2

    Yup :)
  6. surya kumar

    Com.sts In Android 4.1.2

    I've i ball andi 4.5 d royale previousely my antivirus is cm security, but now I turned to 360 security. After checking for virus scan it shows com.sts vulnerablity Which indicates it need to "Force stop" But I don't know what is com.sts Do i STOP IT OR NOT. Is it a malware???
  7. surya kumar

    Hi, I Have Just Found This Site - Hooray!

    Previously I got this problem So you may try this Insufficient Storage Available Error on Android - Quick Fix. My issue solved So you may try this.
  8. surya kumar

    Joystick Games

    Is it a free game or paid one.
  9. surya kumar


    If you are gamer searching for gamepad for there are so many Bluetooth gamepad/joysticks available for android,tablet,PC and some can work with both android and ipad/iphone.
  10. surya kumar

    Joystick Games

    I've recently bought a PTron gamepad for my android mobile. But I can't feel that joystick may be the joystick or the games doesn't accept gamepad controls. Can anyone suggest the best gamepad games for android. I've played the car racing games only.
  11. surya kumar

    Game Recommendation?

    Dead Target and MIni militia is a game can play with out internet and can play with max of 20 people by opening hotspot and others to accept it. We like more by playing it self.
  12. surya kumar

    Available internal memory appears incorrect

    My phone specs also follows 4 GB Internal memory, 2 GB User memory and in phone settings -> internal storage shows 1.48GB meant for user, As you mentioned By rootin we can access that 4GB, By rooting Is my internal storage increases and With that no problem will araise in terms of speed. Pls...
  13. surya kumar

    Video Conferencing Apps

    There are some other like skype are viber, ooVoo, messenger, face time. You can check with details here. They say seeing is believing, so here’s 10 of the best video chat apps available
  14. surya kumar

    Hello - New To The Site, And Android Tabs

    Welcome to the AT forum. Have nice stay here.
  15. surya kumar

    Facebook Will Now Let You Post Videos in Comments

    Whoa nice info. It's great feature na, we can share more funny videos with the new feature
  16. surya kumar

    Update for 4.4.2

    Can I have update for jelly bean 4.4.2 to kit kat or lollipop versions?
  17. surya kumar

    [SOLVED] WiFi Connection, But No Internet...

    probably it 's the solution, If at all this won't works then check the connection with another device then you will know where the problem exactly..:(
  18. surya kumar

    Transferring MP3 Files From Tablet to iPod Touch

    I've faced this problem I don't have Internet, just needed some files&images to transfer from ipad to mobile I used share it also but it won't work.
  19. surya kumar

    Bootloop after root

    SM-T815 I have try to root with odin and cf autoroot and all work fine, then I have installed twrp for 815 5.0.2 version. After the installation the tablet restart on recovery mode, I try to make a backup and twrp works good but at the restart the tablet is in bootloop. I can’t shut down. I can...
  20. surya kumar

    How To Root Myphone Rio Junior android 4.4.2 kitkat

    Ive tried all the application (apk) to root my phone but no one is working on my phone .. I already install adb drivers .. I need to root my phone because its internal storage is 120 mb only .. Plss help me how to root it :)thanks