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    problems connecting tablet to pc

    Hello again Got a few steps forward now. Linda file manager installed & now picks up the items i have transferred onto the sd card BUT. (yes another problem/ but) Having problems with gaining access to the files now. The task bAR ON THE TABLET HAS A SD CARD EMBLEM WITH A '!' ON IT. THE MESSAGE...
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    problems connecting tablet to pc

    Hi lingerie to order. Thanks for the info, but when i press the usb logo on the upper task bar on the tablet. The date appears, seems to happen all the time. Is this normal. The task bar works on the rh side for thehome action & the volume but nothing else. Is this a setting issue? Or something...
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    problems connecting tablet to pc

    Hi I have now installed linda fille manager. I Brian up sd card Burrows nothing comes up. Does this mean I Android useless or something is wrong. Sorry but new to Android. Sent from my MID using Android Tablet Forum App
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    problems connecting tablet to pc

    am i doing something wrong?:confused: I am trying to connect my pc to the tablet via usb. The tablet is a g10 haipad 2.1 android OS. Recently bought for a xmas present for my daughter. When the tablet is connect a usb logo is shown on the top of the tablet & the pc pings to identify something...
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    transferring e book from pc to Haipad M701

    Hi probbiehe1 When i insert the card it comes up on the screen a sd card with a !. Then message blank sd card. Is this normal? Happy new year to you. Thanks graham
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    transferring e book from pc to Haipad M701

    thanks I will have a look at the link. happy new year to you.
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    transferring e book from pc to Haipad M701

    Hi Having problems trying to transfer a e book to my daughters Haipad M701. The book format is EPUB DRM. This operated on the pc with Adobe digital editions. I have attached the tablet to the pc. The tablet acknowledged the pc but the pc did not. Also transferred the epub to a sd memory card...
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    Winners for Day 3 of 5 Days of Christmas

    A big thank you to & pazvanti. Keep up with the good work. Merry Christmas to everyone in our community.
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    Day 5 of 5 Days of Christmas (the last day)

    thanks euogo & android tablets for this, fingers crossed. Merry christmas to you all
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    Day 3 of 5 Days of Christmas

    clever idea, never know when this info will be needed.
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    what is rooting

    My appologies what is rooting plus what is the advantages in doing so. I am a complete novice in this. I have a haipad g10 telechips tablet. cheers graham:confused::confused:
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    Day 1 of 5 days of Christmas

    yes. Ideas i maybe interested would Be Android shaped coaster or sticker to go on the rear of the tablet or case. Sent from my MID using Android Tablet Forum App
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    5 Days of Christmas Contest

    Thanks for app. Merry xmas Tom you all. Continue with good Work com the forum. Fingers crossed for The competition Tom Mum all. Sent from my MID using Android Tablet Forum App
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    I think Hubby bought a lemon? android 2.1?

    can attach ebay link so someone can have a closer look at the details posted. some one on here will be able to help. i am anovice but alot of experts regulary on lone.
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    Haipad in sleeping mode

    do you know where i could by this type of battery? Plus how easy is it t o open these up without damaging them?
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    How/Where Did You Get Your Tablet?

    bought my g10 haipad from Not bad price plenty of variety, too much for me since no expert. Excellent communication from Daniel. Delivery took 6 days which is not the quickest but not bad from hong kong to the uk. Daniel answered all my queries. (Daniel if you are reading this, yes i...
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    problem downloading nook ebook for android

    yes i do, it was installed on the tablet when i recieved it. I have also used the search tool on the market place screen. No match found comes up on the screen
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    problem downloading nook ebook for android

    can anyone help. I cannot locate the 'nook' app for ebook reading. I have been on the web site saying it canbe downloaded either by the app in the marketplace. (Cannot find this app) Or by scanning the provided barcode on the website. Could not scan this barcode. I have used various scanning...
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    android apps restrict adult content

    hi can anyone tell me how to put restrictions on whats can be downloaded from the android market place onto my daughters tablet? Is it possible to prevent certain items be downloaded? Thanks graham:confused:
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    New Smartpad Android 2.1 Tablet - Telechip 8902 Based

    As for a keyboard, for reference 7inch size tabs fits in a case which has a keyboard fitted. I have ordered 1 but not recieved it. Not how practical it will be for long periods, but the keyboard has a battery installed so should not drain the tablets battery. 7 Inch Keyboard Case for Android...