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  1. Dragonleaf

    Help contacting Archos: Reseller, retailer, distributors.

    Hey guys... I'm trying to contact Archos for resell information but they don't answer the US office email. Any of you with knowledge in tech products business or anyone who know how to contact them or any Archos distributors? :cool: Thx guys!
  2. Dragonleaf

    Greetings from Puerto Rico!

    Hi guys... I'm new :D I'm looking to start in the tablets business and need all the information available about quality, prices and must-be-available-at-store gadgets :) Any advices will be appreciated...
  3. Dragonleaf

    "::On the Tablets Business::" (Help!)

    Hi guys, I need your advise. I'm planing to open a tech store focused in tablets (a small business), but I need help choosing good Android tablets and a good price Wholesale distributor... Any Ideas? What tablets are a "must-be-available" on a tablets store? Thx 4 ur help guys! ;)