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  1. Big_Jim

    Dell Streak 7 a disappointment

    The wifi version is now on Amazon for $370.
  2. Big_Jim

    Dell Streak 7 no contract $300

    Actually, looking at prices Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi Tablet (Gray): Computer & Accessories The 7 inch wifi model is a good deal. Just tether it to a cheap phone from Virgin Mobile and you're good.
  3. Big_Jim

    Do any of them have a capacitive touch screen?

    Too late! I already went ahead and ordered the 500GB. Should be here this afternoon if UPS doesnt lie. Didnt find those tech sheet pages before, thanks for showing me. I was looking at their basic MP3 players for a while then got to thinking about how I would sync my whole music collection and...
  4. Big_Jim

    Acer Iconia Tab A500 Available April 24th on Best Buy Pre-order for $449

    This looks like a much better deal, especially if the memory slot is working from the start. I can get cheap SD cards, no big deal.
  5. Big_Jim

    Do any of them have a capacitive touch screen?

    The only reason I ask is I cant see it advertised but their product descriptions are not the best in the world. On a similar note, do any of the smaller devices (2.3, 3.2, 4.3) have an SD slot? Again they might be there but I cant see them in the pics and they arent advertised well. My...
  6. Big_Jim

    HTC Will Release Two Larger and More-Advanced Honeycomb Tabs This Summer

    Replace "currently" with "always" and you'd have it. Apple is consistently number one in attention and hype. People just have to get in the habit of educating themselves and trying to not watch so much TV as their sole source of information.
  7. Big_Jim

    Viewsonic gTablet Deal for $299.99 at CompUSA and

    USED for 300? What are people thinking on Amazon? Do they honestly believe folks will go for the more expensive item when cheaper stuff is sitting right there?
  8. Big_Jim

    HTC Shows Off an In-Depth 6-Minute Video of HTC Flyer Android Tablet

    Great the video you ripped off is no longer available and the Engadget article ripped off Anandtech. We are not good people.
  9. Big_Jim

    Dell Streak 7 no contract $300

    I prefer the 5 incher even if its slower.
  10. Big_Jim

    What model of Galaxy Tab did you purchase?

    If I get one it will just be wifi and I'll use a Virgin Mobile phone with tethering for data.
  11. Big_Jim

    Will You Consider Purchasing An Android Tablet That Cannot Run Honeycomb?

    I had the archos home 7 ands it stinks, both in hardware and software. Just returned the XOOM. As nice as it was it still wasnt worth 600 dollars. My next tablet will probably be the Samsung Galaxy or Dell Streak if I can find either of them for a reasonable price. I found I dont need Honeycomb...
  12. Big_Jim

    How/Where Did You Get Your Tablet?

    Staples. The seals were still intact. Guy was really nice about not pushing accessories and service plans on me. They took it back with no complaints or harassment.
  13. Big_Jim

    What Do You Think Of The Pricing Of Honeycomb Tablets?

    I got the wifi XOOM for 600 and I thought it was over priced. A similar laptop can do so much more. And many brands have built in cellular. Or I could just get the USB dongle. Returned the XOOM. Cant afford 600 bucks on a toy. I could spend that much on a laptop or newer decked out netbook. HP...
  14. Big_Jim

    New Honeycomb Tablet from the Company 'Ainol' Coming Soon

    I'd scrape off the A and just call it an iNol. Not as cool as iPad but fewer menstrual jokes.
  15. Big_Jim

    hd video?

    OK, obviously you are new to Apple. They LOVE to control all their hardware and software. And consequently, their customers. Nothing you buy from Apple is going to be wide open and free. Its all going to be restricted and difficult and clunky and probably only work on Apple hardware. From this...
  16. Big_Jim

    Can you convince me in buying a Motorola Xoom?

    OK, its back at Staples. They gave me a full refund no questions asked. It was a nice experiment. And if the XOOM only cost between 300 and 400, it would be a good little toy. Maybe I will go with the Tab instead. Smaller and easier to carry, and it looks like it does everything I need anyway...
  17. Big_Jim

    Can you convince me in buying a Motorola Xoom?

    Nope. In fact I am considering taking mine back. Its nice but not mind blowing, and for 600 bucks I think it should be. Costs twice as much as my netbook and isnt as powerful. Android is for smartphones, and I dont need a tablet. Its just a toy nothing more. It will never replace anything else...
  18. Big_Jim

    WE BEAT THE Huawei!!!!!

    Samsung and Motorola will eventually pwn all.
  19. Big_Jim

    Flash on Xoom

    Alright now I got one complaint. While I can view flash based videos, my browser keeps telling every website I hit that I am mobile, which means I get the crappy version of the page. On Youtube about half of my favorite vids are disabled. Got Dolphin HD and told it I would use the full size...
  20. Big_Jim

    Flash on Xoom

    I got one a few hours ago. You just need to go to the Market and download the Flash app. It happened for me automatically once I logged in with my Gmail account. Unit auto downloaded and installed all the apps I had synced from my Droid. Amazon app store was the only one I had to do manually...