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    Do I absoulty have to have my Nexus 10 rooted??

    Hi all have a new Nexus 10, I do have the special OTG cable. I also have stick mount installed. Do I have to root the 10 to use a stick drive? I plug in my thumb drive and the 10 sees it but I can not see my files on the drive?
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    problem Nexus 10 tablet HDMI running through my AV receiver

    Hi Guys, I just picked up a new Nexus 10 Tablet that I want to stream netflix and others from. It has a micro HDMI jack. I bought a cable with micro on one side and regular HDMI on the other side. I can plug it directly into the side of my Pioneer Kuro TV and it works fine. So I know the...
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    4.2 questions for a newby///

    Hi All I am new to droid, just got a new Nexus 10 with JB 4.2. I also bought a Kensington case with BT keyboard. A couple of questions? How can I remove a bluetooth device I am not using, I would like to delete it permininly. Also is there a way to pause a movie I am streaming from...
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    Nexus 10

    Hi all, newbie here. I have been thinking about getting a tablet. I have no android experience but I am very well versed with windows. I have looked at most tablets and really like the specs on the new Nexus 10. I like the usb and HDMI ports. I can not tell for sure but it looks like it has...