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    Tonbux GT90H Demo Stuck On Screen

    Thanks again Leeshor, I've successfully removed the demo off the screen and also the WiFi is working again. As you suggested forgetting the router and then connecting and entering the password again worked, I've also fixed the sound issue, (didn't think it was software related as the headphones...
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    Tonbux GT90H Demo Stuck On Screen

    Thanks leeshor, I followed your link and downloaded the apk file that d3vd suggested and Hey presto the demo has gone off the screen much appreciated, can anyone tell me why this happened though why does a factory reset make the demo appear and what is this update file, it's not a firmware is...
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    Tonbux GT90H Demo Stuck On Screen

    Hi Guys, I'm totally new to all this android stuff, my sister gave me a cheap Chinese Tonbux tablet that works fine but has the word DEMO in red right across the screen, she bought it off the Authorized seller on amazon a while back and it's out of warrantee now, I tried the tonbux website but...
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    New To Tablets

    Hi all, I'm new to tablets in general and android, usually use pc's just joined the forum thought I'd say hello:-)