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    Network Media Streaming ?

    Not sure if anyone really follows this tablet anymore ... Im wondering if I can use this tablet as a streaming media player of types to my TV. Can I hook this tablet up to my network via RJ45 Ethernet (for internet use as well as accessing files on my PC ... videos and pictures and music...)...
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    Why so slow ?

    So I have been messing with this tablet and one thing that has bugged me from the start is how slow, or "sluggish" it is while doing certain tasks. One task is playing Angry Birds. When I play this same game on my sons iTouch, it is far better than on this tablet. If you pull a bird back and...
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    New Flytouch 3 owner

    I'm a new tablet owner as of today and was hoping to get some help, or questions rather, about this tablet. I'm really confused as to what the actual name is but will go with what I saw on the site I purchased it from. I have read a few threads here that say otherwise, but maybe those are old ...