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    Video App needed for streaming from ReadyNas Duo to Cube U30GT?

    :confused: Hi Guys, I need to get an app on to the wifes Cube U30GT so she can stream videos (different formats but they all play on X Box and PS3 and Smart TV) from my ReadyNas Duo. Has anyone got any ideas, apart from google? ;) I really cant be bothered doing any converting etc so looking...
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    Cube from SpeMall u30GT firmware upgrade anyone?

    Hi guys, I got my wife a U30GT from SpeMall and had it running for a week and been getting problems with WIFI dropping and also not being able to get apps on to it from google play, get errors like "Does not support this device" I want to get a free anti virus on it but AVG will not download as...
  3. G and anyone used them from UK?

    Hi guys, anyone used any of these two sites? If you have, what was the delivery like? Where the units as good as they look? Where they OK for UK use? Anything else? Cheers
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    Need help finding a tablet for wife's birthday!!

    Evening everyone, I found this site while doing some look around for a tablet for my wife for her birthday. So i have joined and this is my first post! I am looking for a 9"/10" tablet to use for web browsing, facebook, skype, WIFI, probably bluetooth would be nice, playing movies and music...