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    tablet m701 touch screen "locked" : HELP !

    I'll try this, first find an adapter as it has no usb. Thanks ! Hope it works. Strange that a reboot didn't worked
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    Major Differences between Android 2.1 and 2.2

    Hi, can you maybe tell me how to unlock my touch screen (android 2.2) (haipad m701). Must be something something stupid but I can't find it. I did a touch screen calibration but couldn't finish (had to go in meeting) so I rebooted the system. And now everything seems to work, except the touch...
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    tablet m701 touch screen "locked" : HELP !

    Hi, Last week I ordered a m701 G10 multi touch Android 2.1 7" Tablet in the UK (cheap, I know, but it looked nice) , everything worked just fine untill I did a screen calibration. It didn't finished as I has had to go in meeting (unexpected). So I did a reboot and now the screen seems locked...