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    Ainol Novo 8 Discovery Mini Quad Core

    Hi has anyone got any reviews about this tab as I am looking to buy it but cannot find any reviews. Nick
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    samsumg galaxy tab2 10.1 all new to me.

    HI just a quick question here I play movies from my SD card before the last update just put the card in and turned the tab on went to the movie player which came with the tab and there they were ready to play, now I find that if I remove the SD card or replace with another the movies do not...
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    How do you tell if you rooted the nexus 7 right or not

    Hi i use Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper to keep the root when updates come out download from play and follow instructions
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    Nexus 7 Trouble with ITV Player

    Hi have you installed Adobe AIR as this is needed to run ITV player
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    SD Expansion on Nexus 7

    Hi yes mass storage is possible first you will have to root the nexus by going here Nexus Root Toolkit v1.5 then down load stickmount from play I then use OTG cable also the kinston adaptor and have a 32Gb micro sdcard which I store movies on. so it is possible hope but the Nexus 7 tab has to be...
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    Onda VI40 Elite/Ultimate version - Android Market

    Hi would you be able to use the custom roms for the elite on the ultimate please.
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    Help dead tablet

    hi just come to turn and nothing tried long press and short presses of the on button, tried reset long press nothing, plugged in the charger nothing no battery charging which comes on. At a loss as it was working fine this afternoon had a full battery any ideas please. Nick
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    help please

    Just come to turn on my Onda Vi40 and nothing, plugged the charger in still nothing not even showing the battery charging, tried the reset still nothing was working ok this afternoon had full battery any help please.:mad:
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    Need netflix help. I'm new with tablets.

    Hi have you down loaded the latest abode flash from the market, hope this helps
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    Dead space will not work on my new tab Onda Vi40

    Hi folks just like to say thanks in advance had a quick look around the forum but could not find the answer to my question, I have the Ainol Elf and down load the game Dead space which works fine also works on my HTC Wildfire s phone. Bought the Onda Vi40 running ICS 4.03 v9 it did down load...
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    My new Onda Vi40 tablet

    Hi thanks for all your help had to flas the rom now have all the market even though some app still will not down load have more apps availible to down load my nest question is what is the best settings to get the maximum out of the battery ie set the brightnes etc. thanks again Nick
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    My new Onda Vi40 tablet

    Hi thanks for that but still the same anyone els got any ideas
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    My new Onda Vi40 tablet

    Hi just recieved my Vi40 tablet today I am impressed with it but although it comes with ICS4.03v09 it does not have the full android markey on it will not down load some apps that I already have on my elf would not down load facebook etc had to load them myself. Ok my question is there a fix...
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    My new Onda Vi40 tablet

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    [GIVEAWAY] ] Ainol Novo 7 Aurora Tablet

    Hi I think Ainol tablets are the best and would love to have one
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    Can I get Netflix on my Coby Kyros 7012

    Hi have you tried to either download the apk file direct to your tab, just google netflix Apk and down load it direct or to an Sd card, also if you get the amazon apps it has it for free to down load, hope this helps.
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    Hi I was using the older version also which kept asking me to update but everytime I tried it would take me to the market and kept saying this device is not compatable, so I googled the Netfix apk and found the 1.7 and downloaded it straight to my tab Samsung S5PV210 using android 2.3 and it...
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    Facebook Android market

    Hi had the same problem with this tab kept saying it did not suppot it I down loaded the apk file for both skype facebook kindle now all woking just google the for example kindle apk direct on your tab or on the comp and transfer to sd card and load it that way. Hope this helps