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    Decent Article on How To Avoid Bad Tablets

    This is a (brief) article from the guys at cnet's Crave blog. It uses the Maylong M150 as the test case, but most of the issues they point out apply to all android tablets in general. Be sure to click thru at the end of the article to their "telltale signs of an android tablet disaster". That...
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    8GB Archos 70 and 16GB Archos 101 currently avail on US site

    The Archos store is currently showing the Archos 70 8GB model and the Archos 101 16GB model as available for purchase. No telling how long they will last, so get 'em while they're hot!
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    Looking for buying advice

    Hi all. I joined the forum so I could learn more about Android tablets. I have friends that have iPads, and I rather like them, but I don't like the price, or the fact that they don't support flash. So I am looking at purchasing an Android tablet sometime in the not-too-distant future. Maybe...