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    Ainol Novo 8 Discovery Mini Quad Core

    Hi has anyone got any reviews about this tab as I am looking to buy it but cannot find any reviews. Nick
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    Help dead tablet

    hi just come to turn and nothing tried long press and short presses of the on button, tried reset long press nothing, plugged in the charger nothing no battery charging which comes on. At a loss as it was working fine this afternoon had a full battery any ideas please. Nick
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    help please

    Just come to turn on my Onda Vi40 and nothing, plugged the charger in still nothing not even showing the battery charging, tried the reset still nothing was working ok this afternoon had full battery any help please.:mad:
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    Dead space will not work on my new tab Onda Vi40

    Hi folks just like to say thanks in advance had a quick look around the forum but could not find the answer to my question, I have the Ainol Elf and down load the game Dead space which works fine also works on my HTC Wildfire s phone. Bought the Onda Vi40 running ICS 4.03 v9 it did down load...
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    My new Onda Vi40 tablet

    Hi just recieved my Vi40 tablet today I am impressed with it but although it comes with ICS4.03v09 it does not have the full android markey on it will not down load some apps that I already have on my elf would not down load facebook etc had to load them myself. Ok my question is there a fix...
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    My new Onda Vi40 tablet

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    Which system do they use Onda Vi40 and UPPO PO8003

    Hi just wondering if anyone could help me here I am considering buying eith a Onder Vi40 or the UPPO PO8003 do they work on the ARM or MIPs system. thaks for you time Nick
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    Anyone heard of this tab and seller

    Hi folks been browsing the internet and came across this tab UPPO PO8003 Android 4.0 Tablet PC it seems very similar to the Onda Vi40 anyone know anything about it. Also anyone bought anything from as thinking of buying from them, here is the link to...
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    ONDA Vi40 going out of production?

    Hi just read on a sellers site they are saying the ONDA Vi40 may be going out of production anyone know if this is true as I think this tab well sorted after and is stupid if the makers pull it, anyone have any more news on this.:confused: Nick
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    Which tablet

    Hi people had a quick look around the forum and cannot find the answer I am looking to buy either a Ainol Novo7 Aurora or the ONDA Vi40 Elite and don't know which one to go for. The both are similar in specs apart from the Onda having slightly fast processor and bigger screen, any help would be...
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    New android market

    Hi can a new android market obe loaded on my tablet as for a lot of my apps it says device not compatabe yet they work any help guys Sent from my Full Android on S5PV210 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Blocks within android market

    Hi just a quick query if anyone can explain this why is it in android market there seems to be blocks on, so that you cannot download certain apps. For example I have a JexTab 810 Android 2.3 8-Inch Samsung S5PV210 Tablet running android 2.3, tried to down load kindle for android, netflix google...
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    Ainol Novo 7 Paladin

    Hi just got this tablet on first impressions seems great like the android 4 ICS very smooth, cannot get some apps like Rockplayer google earth to work keeps saying file could be corupted but work on my other tablet, also says flash player installed but can not get bbc iplyer to work will load...
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    down loading apps

    Hi am using the JexTab 810 Android 2.3 8-Inch Samsung S5PV210 Tablet with andriod 2.3 and 1.2ghz processor not a bad tablet quite fast, but it will not let me down load certain apps keeps saying app not compatable with your device, did have google earth on it but accidently wiped it now cannot...
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    My tablet Review JexTab 810

    Hi this is my first impressions of my new Android tablet the JexTab 810 Android 2.3 8-Inch Samsung S5PV210 Tablet, ok lets start with the discription from the vendors Samsung ProcessorThis Amazing Tablet boasts one of the fastest processors we have seen In a Tablet to date. With an excellent...
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    Hi Just bought the JexTab 810 Android 2.3 8-Inch Samsung S5PV210 Tablet, Samsung S5PV210 1GHz CPU...
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    Micro SD Cards

    Hi everyone have just bought the JexTab 810 Android 2.3 8-Inch Samsung S5PV210 TabletWhich says it can take upto a 32GB micro SD card, so I have put a 8GB card in but it is only showing that it has 2 GB I am new to the tablet market so dont realy know what I am doing any help would be helpful...