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    Few Flytouch II power consumption observations

    If there's already been similar testing I apologize in advance for spaming. Our FTII has 2x3.7V 3800mAh (I doubt it) Li-Po batteries connected in series making an average 7.4V of voltage output. I've done a little bit of testing regarding current load/consumption and here are my results...
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    Fake battery percentage issue (30% offset)

    Hi. There were several similar topics but none solved the issue. This is the problem scenario: When I'm on battery power (say ~30%), and plug in the power adapter the battery state will quickly raise to 60%. If I remove the power adapter the battery will again drop ~30% down to ~30%. When...
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    Screen failing to wake up from standby

    I'm having issues with the screen failing to wake up from standby. Sometimes it wakes up, and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't is vibrates normally for a second but stays black, BUT sometimes after 5-10min or so it wakes up normally again. It's really a bizarre behavior. I tried with...