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    Problems with google Samsung android tablet

    I don't know much about this tablet. The box calls it a mini pad android in me and the small manual that came with it says ARM CortexTM-A8 MID mini pad. My husband got it for me for Christmas and all he says is that he warranty has run out. I believe he bought it online from China (for which...
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    Problems with google Samsung android tablet

    I have a google Samsung S5PV210 Android tablet. A few months ago it started shutting off in the middle of doing something, powered up for a moment then shut down and now it won't power up at all. I've tried powering up through my computer but no help. I was told it needed to go back to the...
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    Want to remove battery from tablet

    I have a Samsung google android 2.3 8" tablet, S5PV210. It has no power at all. I was told once I may have a bad charger port. I found online one thing I could try is to remove the battery, keep it out for 5 minutes, then put it back. They said to slide the back off the tablet and pull the...
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    Charging my Android tablet

    I have an Android tablet 8" but every time I charge it, it won't stay charged. I even thought I was putting the plug in the wrong hole, as there are two of them, but neither has changed things. There is a little red icon with an x on it in the right upper side if that means anything, I assume...
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    Docking station for tablet

    I've been searching on the net for a docking station for my android tablet 8 inch and cannot find one. Does anyone know where I could find this? I also want a docking station for my ipod, camera, cell phone. I just need to consolidate some room and hide some cords if I can. Please can anyone...
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    When I try to type anything at all, most always get different letters.

    Hello, I have a Samsung S5PV210 android google tablet. Every time I try to type my password, email, anything, I never get the right letters. Such as, if I type the letter b, I may get L. If I type the letter n, I may get s and so on. Is this something that can be fixed with a reset or just...
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    Where can I download a manual for my tablet?

    I posted this earlier but fogot to say what type my tablet is. It's a Samsung S5PV210 Google Android 2.3. I don't know why both names are there but that's on the papers that came with it. Is there a best website that would give instructions on how to download a manual? I saw instructions...
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    Dowload tablet manual.

    I forgot to mention, my tablet is a Samsung S5P210 Google Android 2.3. Not sure about both names Samsug and Google but that's on the booklet that came with it. I would much prefer a hard copy instead of downloading one but I haven't been able to find one on the internet. Thanks for your help.
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    Dowload tablet manual.

    Where is the best site to download a manual for my android 2.3 tablet? Is there a good website to go to that would give instructions on how to do that? I saw those instructions somewhere but can't find them now. How I just wish I could purchase a hard copy manual instead of downloading. Thanks.
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    downloading tablet manual.

    When I found the drop box app in the android market, it said that my device was not compatible with this item. There are other ones, downloader for dropbox, dropin, epistle, but I know nothing about those. This is all somewhat strange to me and I thank you all for your help. Some of those...
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    downloading tablet manual.

    Can I download the PDF file of a user's manual to my Android tablet 2.3 or would it be too much? I was going to download it to my printer but thats nearly 400 pages which would be too much for my printer and I'm wondering if it's possible to download it directly to my tablet. Thank you.
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    I have a Samsung SSPV210 Google Androin 2.3

    The manual that came with it is so small, print is so small, nearly impossible to see. It's more like a little pamphlet. I've seared all over the internet and I have found some manuals but they're more for droid phones and not much information on the tablet. Thanks for your help.
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    I have a Samsung SSPV210 Google Androin 2.3

    I am having such a hard time just figuring everything out, and I mean everything. I bought a book online to help me understand it but it didn't help. My question is that does anybody know if there is even a book specific to Android Tablets (not sure if it makes a difference of being 2.3)? I...