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    When are we getting ICS?

    I've had my Tablet S since November and loved it until I purchased my Galaxy Nexus a few months ago...I would love to get my TabS up to speed!! Anyone have any info other than 'spring'?
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    Unable to play Digital Copies

    Purchased 4 BlueRays Captain America Thor XMEN - First Class Tango All with the express purpose of loading the digital copy on to my Tablet S. Prevented from transferring the file via USB. License does not allow transfer to this device. Purchased a 16 TB SD card and was able to transfer to...
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    New Owner - Some Concerns

    Love my first tablet. I have been an adroid user since day one of the Droid x. Sony purist so I was thrilled when the joined the market and the remote feature should not be underestimated. That said, I have a few concerns No ps3 support out of the box - I know its coming but really?? No HBO...