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    Bluetooth devices??

    Hi all. been using my a500 since may. and im just wondering, what kind of bluetooth devices will the a500 recognize? I live in the Philippines btw, hmm.. will generic bluetooth device work? or is there some kind of specific type of bluetooth signal? Thanks for the help! :) Cheers!
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    Problem DL-ing the 3.2 update

    hey guys, I received an update last night, was about 357mb and I think it says system update 7.006.01. And I have a really great feeling that this is 3.2. so the problem is when I download it, it never seems to complete its download, it just keeps on repeating the download, it reaches a...
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    Should I be in 4.13?

    hey all, i was just wondering if I should be in version 4.13 which is I think is no less than 15mb, in order for me to receive the 3.2 update? Thanks! Cheers! :)
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    Cant download the 346MB update via OTA

    Hi guys, has anyone encountered the problem that when the update is downloading, it just freezes halfway? It always gets stuck on 260+MB and Ive tried so many times already with no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks very much. I was wondering if I could manually download it via my PC and install it...
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    4.010.08 update?

    I am currently downloading this update and probably will install later. Is this the 3.1 HC update we are so eagerly waiting for? Coz I received the 1.141 update just 2 days ago. Thanks for the response guys! Cheers! :)
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    I got 1.141 update

    Hi guys, I was expecting the 3.1 HC update today but my tab said I only have the 1.141 update which I know has stopped pushing a few months back. Does anybody have the same problem? And I read here that other people have received the 3.1 update already. :( this is such a bummer. And I couldn't...
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    Anybody have the 3.1 update yet?

    hey guys, just wondering if anybody here received the 3.1 update yet? coz I heard that acer will be rolling out the update today (June 23,2011) right? care to share some noticeable difference? Thanks guys! :)
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    USB 3g/broadband?

    hi acer community! just wondering if the a500 is able to use a USB 3g/broadband? I know probably someone already posted about this. and Im sorry if I couldn't find it. Thanks though! :)
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    Docs to go or Quickoffice?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering which one is better between docs to go and quickoffice? because I havent downloaded a cracked version of docs to go yet because some said that you need the original one that came with your a500 in order to update your device? Im not sure if I remember that...
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    Might be a stupid question...

    hey guys, besides the HDMI, is there any way that I could connect my a500 to an LCD projector? via VGA cable possibly? because Apple has those VGA adapter thingys right? I was just wondering if Android tablets has a similar counterpart. Sorry for the question and thank you very much for your...
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    update problem

    hi guys, Im just a little bit worried about my acer a500. I just found out now that my device build number is the 1.104.02. and I was trying to check for updates via the settings but it always says that my device is up to date. Am I missing something here? or is there a way to update manually...
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    Transfer files from USB to SD CARD :)

    hi guys, me again, I just want to share something for people who hasn't tried yet. You can transfer files from your FAT32 USB flash drive to your microSD card just by using ES File Explorer. I think you can only copy/paste, not cut/paste. :)
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    Latest update?

    Hey guys, just wondering what's the latest update for my acer tab before 3.1? coz I read something in here about a small kernel update? and my version is the 1.141.xxxxGEN1. I keep checking for updates but it always says that my device is up to date. Do I have something to worry about? :) tnx...
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    Install apps in SD CARD?

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new here and also with android so I know just a little. So forgive my ignorance. :) okay so I bought a new class4 16gb microSD card recently for my iconia and here are my concerns: - how can I install apps into my SD card from the market or wherever? (i installed apps2sd...