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    setting CPU speed

    another vote for zeam
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    does arcos 7 tablet run SKYPE ?

    I have the 101 and vioce works but video is not yet compatible with andriod
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    Tablet Not Functional

    What devide do you have?
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    New Archos Firmware 2.1.08

    Well, I have the 101 and i dont really use youtube and i dont think i have any mts files but i will give it a go this weekend and post any issues
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    Archos......which one?

    I vote for the 101. I have had it since xmas and use it mainly for web, video and ebooks. Not problems whatsoever even with the updates
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    What Home Launcher do you guys use with your Archos 70 250GB?

    I love zeam but i have a 101
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    New Archos Firmware 2.1.08

    I know this is new news but any known problems yet?
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    Slingplayer Mobile NOT in Android Market

    Downloaded it from where?
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    New Firmware Update for the 101!!

    Do this required a clean reformat 1st or can I just go ahead and update?
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    Skype And Video

    Skype works with voice only, not video
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    Can't Download Zeam ...

    I am assuming that you have the 'official' market installed? I must say that i have had no issues with zeam.
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    HTC Flyer to Come in March, Two More to Follow in June

    Dont get me wrong, I am a big HTC fan and I am really anxious for the wait and I am expecting something really good but I dont want to build my hopes up too much just in case. But here is to hoping for something as good as their phones.
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    HTC Flyer to Come in March, Two More to Follow in June

    I have been reading a lot about this today. I refuse to get too excited until I see a full spec and prices
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    First things first

    They are kinda like your home screen. think of it as your desktop on a pc. The reason people chnage the standand install one is to improve responde time and performance.
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    Need to know of Archos 101 capability's?

    I agree the lack of being able to see, hold, try the archos is a big let down but i risked buying one and was glad i did. i wouldnt say the ipad was bad but it is limited. but, if it does everything you want and you are willing to pay the extra to 'try before you buy' then i guess its a good...
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    Need to know of Archos 101 capability's?

    Nice little rant there but you hit the nail on the head. For the few small issues that some people claim the archos has, I would still take it over the ipad every day of the week and would save money in the process.
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    ARCHOS 101 -Last Flash player doesnt work!

    I use "slow" and "way too slow" settings and have no problem with my flash
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    (Videos) PSX4Droid/Gameboid/Gensoid/SNesoid on Archos 70 IT!

    Not that i know of but it would be great if it could
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    I have ordered a screen protector and battery package. It wasnt the quickest delivery but i did get the goods
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    Android Market

    I somehow doubt that. It seems like a regional seetings issue. When I was in the UK, the pricees showed in pounds. When in germany the prices showed in euros and now I am in México, the prices show as pesos!