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    A81G - internal storage disappeared!!

    Hi all, Had an A81G for a couple of days, then suddenly the internal storage (2GB) has disappeared. Been moving a few files around, installing apps etc., but now for no apparent reason the internal storage does not show up under "SD Card and Mid storage". I have hard reset the device, and I...
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    My MIDnite (wits a81e/g/capacitive) support page

    Hi, Is this a hacked firmware for the A81G? Carlos.
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    WITS A81G, frustrating GPS

    Hi all, I'm getting my A81G this evening, and will be loading up Co-Pilot 7 on it, I will report back with the findings...... Carlos.
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    A Non-Authoritative Android Tablet Buying List: What to Get, What to Avoid (2010)

    Hi, Maybe this could be updated as it's the first thread, as the A81G now has Capacitive screen, GPS built-in (not optional) and is running well? Carlos.
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    A New WITS A81G, Good Bits, not so good bits

    Hi, Not sure if you have resolved the 3G issue, but for your info, these are the "officially" supported dongles: Supported 3G dongles: Huawei E160, E1750 and E1752 Taken from GadgetFreakz website here: Witstech A81G+ 7" Android 2.2 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.1 GPS Bluetooth...