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    Craig CMP 738a book apps

    My 738 died and I forgot what the EBOOK apps were on the tablet. Can anyone help me out with what apps (not kindle) Craig is using for book apps. I liked their apps, I recall two of them. Any help would be appreciated. KG
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    What is with this contraption?

    Okay, figured the kindle removal of must keep stylus or finger on book and then options come up. thank god!!! I was about to burn it, now just curious about the administrative settings...will see if same thing works. :-)
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    What is with this contraption?

    1) how do you set a administrative owner, when I go and push, it just says the tablet does not have one. 2) I have Amazon Kindle on here, at first all was fine, I downloaded books, they opened, NOW, when I try to open certain books, I get the post "The book could not be opened. Please remove...
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    Craig CMP 738a Information

    yeah..i CANNOT get onto mine. at library. craigs home. WTH????? anyone have a solution for me. it says it connects, but when i go to open browser, it doesnt open.