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    Galaxy Tab A 7" 8GB

    Wifi setup would be sufficient.
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    [Review] Cube T8 Plus

    What a well-written review. I love its Full HD resolution and not a bad photo for 5MP camera.
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    Antivirus Apps, Yes Or No?

    I'm also using CM Security App.
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    Do You Clean Your Screen?

    I clean it once a week as well. It's the same with my eye glasses though, no matter how much I put an effort in cleaning, it'll always have smudges or fingerprints again.
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    What Is The Best Tablet For Gaming?

    I saw that Nvidia Shield Tablet. Looks really suitable for pro-gamer.
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    Newbie Here!

    Hello Hashmi! Welcome. :)
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    NDS Emulator?

    Oh nice, thanks for clearing that one up.
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    Send Email To A Group Using Android Tablet Gmail

    This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing! <3
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    How to Transfer Music to Tablet from PC?

    Nice reference. But the one with SD card slot doesn't work for me since I only have a laptop and it does not have any card slot.
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    Google Translate Not Working

    That's what I always do when an app keeps on lagging or crashing. Sometimes I just restart the device.
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    NDS Emulator?

    I see. Would that be a tedious job? I'll try watching tutorials on youtube. Thanks for your help though.
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    NDS Emulator?

    How can I download emulator? Would like to give Gameboy or DS a try.
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    Oh my gosh. Thanks for the welcome! :oops:
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    Pokemon Go

    I read from Tumblr that they'll be having a new update for the anniversary event.
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    Hi, my name is Lara. I'm new to Android since I've been using "you know what", is it okay to say Apple here? LOL, I don't wanna hate but I'm finally done with them. Hope I could learn a lot with this system. Thanks for letting me in!