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  1. KurtWood

    Recommended Movies Worth Watching This 2016

    Hi! guys can you recommend some movies that are worth or good to watch this 2016. Much better if you put the trailer videos too. So that i will know how good it is and i'm gonna add them up on my bucket list.
  2. KurtWood

    I Am New

    Welcome and Hello :)
  3. KurtWood

    Destruction Derby game

    Just directly search on Playstore you can search the games on your prefer taste.
  4. KurtWood

    Screen won't come on.

    My your device has been Hang i tried almost the same with your problem with my phone. You said that when you put the charger the light turns green it means its charging and the device is still working. Try to found out how to hard reset your device.
  5. KurtWood

    Hello Androiders!

    Welcome and have a great day. I am not so old in this forum but i can say this community has active members that really help on members having some problems.
  6. KurtWood

    Google is About to Change the Way Ads are Displayed on Their Search Pages [Rumor]

    Looks good but i still probably go to the link result rather that on the sidebar cause i can read some description an see the sites under. I didn't notice this update is it already running or just rumored?
  7. KurtWood

    Help! .nomedia file reinstalls itself in asus filemanager and data folder!

    It would be good if you reset your tablet.
  8. KurtWood

    Facebook Finally Rolls Out Expanded 'Like' Button with 6 New 'Reactions'

    I really like facebook update about expanding like 6 new buttons. It really add more emotions the post. You can express self more than before.
  9. KurtWood

    Forgot Your Unlock Pattern?

    Sometimes i really forgot my lock pattern. My daughter usually reminds of its pattern. This will be will helpful to me.
  10. KurtWood

    Two More Hot Android Rumors From Mobile World Congress 2016

    Looking forward for oneplus 3 this june.
  11. KurtWood

    Game Recommendation?

    Have you played it? Try dude you might like it.
  12. KurtWood

    Extremely new tablet user

    Well you can read a manual tutorial in youtube i think. And try to search the model in youtube about the tricks and tips of your tablet. By the way Wendy welcome to the forum.
  13. KurtWood

    Lenovo yoga 2 1051f HD upgrade

    I'm surprised posting someone posted about windows 10. By the way is lenovo yoga 2 a flip 360 and touchscreen.
  14. KurtWood

    NVIDIA Shield Tablet Marshmallow Update OTA Suspended; Some Users Losing WiFi

    They should fix this fast, this is not good for the users.
  15. KurtWood

    HTC Google Nexus 9 On Sale for 40% Off; Just $287.40 for 32GB WiFi Version

    Woah amazing 40% off. I will my friend to buy this one. Since he's planning to buy.
  16. KurtWood

    Disabling apps

    Yeah Traveller you are definitely right.
  17. KurtWood

    Disabling apps

    Not all apps stopped if you disable it others still may running.
  18. KurtWood

    Which Chocolate Is Your Favorite?

    I like cadbury milk, kitkat and hersheys kisses. I have plenty of them in my refrigerator.
  19. KurtWood

    Looking For A Texting App

    Yeah your right dude, Go SMS pro is a good apps for text.
  20. KurtWood

    What Kind Of Android Phone Do You Own?

    That's a good phone you got there mate. Is that phone in lollipop OS.