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  1. cal67

    storage question

    On my A1, using ES File Explorer, I see /sdcard/ which turns out to be the internal memory allocated as internal sd. If I set apps to install to the sd card, they install here. There is a subfolder (/sdcard/removable_sdcard) which is the actual physical sd card I put into the tablet. How...
  2. cal67

    Charging jack "fix"

    FYI, in case anyone else runs into this same problem. My tablet got dropped while the charger was plugged in. At first it didn't appear to have been damaged, but the next day the battery was dead and the red charge light wouldn't come on. I disassembled it and found that the charging jack...
  3. cal67

    Has anyone modified the batteries in these tablets?

    Mine came with what they called a 1600 mah battery, but I think that's probably optimistic. I'm getting less than 1.5 hours of life on a full charge with all the normal battery saving tricks. Has anyone tried upgrading the batteries or replacing them with some others?
  4. cal67

    Lenovo A1 review on Cnet

    Lenovo's A1 tablet goes cheap, stays classy | Android Atlas - CNET Reviews