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    Via WM8880 10.1'' Netbook Stuck On Boot Logo Loop

    Android 4.4 Notebook 10.1" Laptop WSVGA WM8880 I got it today in the post but its stuck on the boot logo after 2 seconds the logo goes away then appears again and keeps repeating over and over again is there a way to reset the device like you can with phones and tablets because it has no vol...
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    Android WM8850 7" Netbook Bricked?

    i installed the wrong firmware for it one i saw was the same specs as my netbook but after i installed it i saw it was for tablet pc now when i turn on the netbook its just a black screen all the is on is the yellow light to show netbook is turn on i asked the seller i bought it from for the...
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    android wm8850 7" netbook bricked?

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    Help with Android

    i have a 7" tablet pc running android it is Telechips Tcc8902 1.1GHz Support hardware OpenGL 2.0 3D graphics RAM: 512MB Storage: 4GB Display: 7 inch resistive touch screen 800*480Webcam: 1.3 mega pixel cameraWireless: IEEE 802.11b/gUSB :USB2.0 OTG high speed interface and USB 2.0 my mate has...
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    what tablet pc do i own what brand is it

    $59.58 - TinyDeal - 4.3 WiFi Tablet PC w/ CPU 800MHz/ 256MB RAM/ 4GB HD L4034G84 i own this and its really good and fast but wanted to update the os because i do not want to brick it so could you help me find out the brand of it or who makes this thx please move if i posted in the wrong...
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    i have a 4.3 VIA8650 800MHz 272x480 4gb how to update it it has 2.2 on it
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    what is the best firnware for MID 7"

    256MB of RAM 2GB NAND Internal Storage 16GB External Storage Vibrates when you turn on power Green Power On Red Charger Ports are Black ONLY NO GREEN HEADPHONE! 24-pin or 30-pin Slot 7" Screen Size 800x480 Visual Screen Size
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    how is this possible

    my mate has wowpad and is running puppy linux he said his brother set it up for him so he has no idea how he did it
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    Need New Power Coard

    model blc150901500wu input 100-240 50/60hz 0.5a output dc9v --- 2.0a where can i get one link please
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    can this be done

    ive seen this done of a number of other android tablet pc where they have been able to install ubuntu os on to it i wanted to know will this be possible on the wowpad ?
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    grim fandango google android

    how would i do this a guy has done it on his nokia phone with google android how would i do this on the wowpad? thanks
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    android tablet 2.1 games/how to find info

    is there any apps to check the cpu and ram ect specs where can i download free/pay apps ? and what is the app called to close programs the are running like task manger on windows thx
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    Green Frozen Screen Flash device

    Hello, everytime I try to turn it on it just stays stuck at the green welcome screen. I really need help, how do I fix this problem?? From reading other posts it seems as though an option is to re-flash the device, how exactly do I do that? Thank you,
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    Just Brought Wowpad Will Not Boot

    my tablet powered by wowpad will not boot past a green screen that says powered by wowpad just got this broken already :(