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  1. hunter505

    Lenovo Officially Unveils Its IdeaPad K1; Honeycomb with Full Netflix Compatibility

    Hmmm...based on the photo this thing will be HUGE...if the screen is 10.1 and there is an extra inch of that annoying black band all the way around this tab will be almost 12" from corner to corner. Not a fan of the rounded corners either. Just my 2cents. :)
  2. hunter505

    G-Tab for $259!! - Viewsonic G-Tablet 10.1" Tablet Computer, NVIDIA Tegra 2 (1GHz), 512MB DDR2 Memory, 16GB HDD, Android 2.2 Found the G-tab for $259 at Here is the link
  3. hunter505

    According to a New Survey 90% of Consumers have Tablet Fever

    While I would like to believe that "tablet fever" is catching on, I suspect that the survey was probably skewed. Where did they get their list of people to poll? CNET subscribers are much more likely to be interested in a tablet then subscribers to Ladies Home Journal. Just a quick survey of my...
  4. hunter505

    A basic lack of understanding about file structures

    Just a guess, but are you looking at the "right" sdcard? The g-tab has 2 cards, an internal and a removable external. Sent from my VEGAn-TAB-v1.0.0B5.1 using Android Tablet Forum
  5. hunter505

    [ROM] WM8650_Android2.2_1.1.1_20110404 NL (root/boost/fix/expanded)

    Yes, the stock ROM has the Chinese market. But the Uberoid ROM from HardcoreHacker has a regular market. It is not the latest market but it is close enough. Here is a link to HcH ROM depot thread HcH'z TechKnow [] - View topic - ROM DEPOT @ I am using the...
  6. hunter505

    [Rumor] ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Probably Coming End of April for $399

    My wife has taken a real liking to my Viewsonic G-Tablet....maybe this will be mine and give her the g-tab!!
  7. hunter505

    [ROM] WM8650_Android2.2_1.1.1_20110404 NL (root/boost/fix/expanded)

    They have an 8" fix for the Uberoid ROM now, works great, just needs a little patience to get it going after flashing
  8. hunter505

    [ROM] WM8650_Android2.2_1.1.1_20110404 NL (root/boost/fix/expanded)

    Have you tried to just install the ROM? Thats all I did, seems it came pre-rooted.
  9. hunter505

    [ROM] WM8650_Android2.2_1.1.1_20110404 NL (root/boost/fix/expanded)

    I DL'd the Uberoid WM8650 ROM, it worked great! But there is one issue, it was designed for a 7" tablet and mine is 8". This causes a "duplication" of the top of the screen in the bottom 1" of the screen. Is there a fix for this? Despite the wrong screen size, the tablet runs much better and I...
  10. hunter505

    Modify LCD (Pixel) Density

    Just tried this, there is a very noticeable improvement! Screen seems much sharper. No problems with notification bar or lock screen. I am at 140 on the settings. G-Harmony 1.2
  11. hunter505

    Citrix Possible on G-Tab?

    Got the Citrix Receiver app through the market. Easy setup and works great for pulling up my desktop on the server at work.
  12. hunter505

    Jerky Video w/Vegan Tab 5.1?

    I have a movie that I copied to the external SD card. When I watch it using QQPlayer it "stutters" a bit. Not smooth playback. Is this a VeganTab problem? or because I am pulling so much data from an SD card? Opinions? Thoughts?
  13. hunter505

    Power Button Issues

    Agreed. I have the same quirks. Minor, but irritating.
  14. hunter505

    Coby Kyros MID7024 First Impressions and Video are Up

    I just ordered a similar tablet from Geeks. Here is a link to it; MID M80003W 800MHz 256MB 2GB 8" Touchscreen Tablet Android 2.2 w/Webcam, 3G Wireless & USB/Ethernet Adapter (Blk/Sil) M80003W I am in hopes that this will perform well, especially for the $149.99 price!
  15. hunter505

    Tethering Possible?

    Thanks for the advice! I will probably try Vegan next if I continue to have issues in G Harmoy or they get worse. I think at this point I will live with wifi only until I can get the rest of my problems solved.
  16. hunter505

    Tethering Possible?

    I have an original Moto Droid,didn't come with a lot of the crapware that came with later phones. I have never had an issue with it. On my G Tab I have tried TnT Lite 2.2, which became so unstable with forceclose issues that I had to reload it twice. On the third time around I dumped it for G...
  17. hunter505

    Viewsonic gTablet Deal for $299.99 at CompUSA and

    Owned it since January and I am VERY happy with it. Screen is great, plays full 1080p video flawlessly. Rooted and ROM necessary as the stock one is what causes all the bad reviews.
  18. hunter505

    Viewsonic gTablet Deal for $299.99 at CompUSA and

    Just saw this same deal at, with free shipping as well.:cool:
  19. hunter505

    Tethering Possible?

    Hmmm...not to keen on rooting my phone. If my tablet is any indication, rooting and customizing can cause massive instability. That I cannot have on the phone as I need it for work, it has to be up 100% of the time. I can put up with it on the tablet because it is basically a big toy. Are there...
  20. hunter505

    Tethering Possible?

    Does anuone know if/how to use my Droid phone as a tether for my G-Tab? Not sure this is even possible, but I figured someone would know:rolleyes: