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    Storing images from camera

    I'm going on vacation and would like to download my camera images daily to my A500. Then, I can do minor editing, like deleting bad shots. Then, at the end of my vacation, I want to transfer all my keeper images from the A500 to my PC. Any suggestion on apps and/or procedures to do this? I...
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    Why does my a500 turn itself on?

    Ever since I got my a500 it has turned itself on, all by itself. It will go to sleep OK but then every once in a while the screen will turn on. I'd say that my screen is on about 6 hours a day if I just leave it lying on a table. I've turned everything off I can find, like the WiFi is off...
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    Can't open PDF files

    I have several PDF files that open and read fine on my Mac. I copied them to a thumb drive, then use File Manager HD to put them in the Documents folder. When I try to open them with Adobe Reader, I get an error message saying the file is damaged or corrupted. Same error when I try to open it...
  4. J

    power drain when off

    Seems like my A500 is using power when off. Any way I can tell what the parasite draw is, so I can turn it off? Thanks, == John
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    Anyone using EyeFi?

    I've been using EyeFi (wifi enabled SD card) quite well with my MacBook. I've tried two EyeFi apps (including the one from the manufacturer) and neither wants to comunicate with the card on the A500. Anyone using this card, and tell me what and how you are using it? Thanks, John
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    Paying for Market apps

    I'm not a newbie to computers, but I am to the A500 so I feel real dumb.... I can install free apps from Market no problem, but when I try to buy one it shows my (correct) Google checkout but it's greyed out.... have found no way to pay for and buy an app. Suggestions?
  7. J

    Moving pictures to A500

    I have pictures on a 4G memory stick, in folders, that I want to move into my A500. Using the native multimedia application, I can see the pictures on the stick but no way to move them to my A500. Any suggestions apreciated. John