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    Wallpaper size for android 10in.??

    Hi, I have a 10inch google android epad and I'm trying to find out what size wallpaper I should use. Most apps on the android make me choose a part of my image to use as wallpaper. Or can someone tell me if there is an android wallpaper app that will automatically resize the image to fit the...
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    Updating question?

    Hi, i have the zt180 android 2.1 10inch epad. When the time comes to update, I found all the information about flashing, roms, etc, but my question is I have the serial number sticker on the side of my android, will I need that info to update? Some people with the Superpad have registration...
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    How to properly shutdown epad?

    Newbie question: how do I properly shutdown my android 2.1 epad? If I hold the power button for only a few seconds, it goes to a blank screen but the blue light stays on, which I believe is just sleep mode. I don't get the little popup screen asking if I want to shutdown the device. So the only...
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    Usb connection help for android epad

    Hi, I want to connect my epad to my computer using usb wire but I don't have the driver. Anyone know where I can get the right driver for it? google android 2.10 10inch tablet Thanks
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    Freezing issues

    I just received the epad a few days ago, installed a few games and apps, and avg antivirus. Working fine but today, twice when I opened the epad it looked fine, but the screen was frozen, so I closed and re-opened and it was okay. I did a reset, not sure what that does, because I thought I would...
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    Unmount USB?

    Hi, I have and android epad tablet, and on the device there is a place to Unmount the SD card before removing, but does anyone know how and where to Unmount a USB key? When I just remove it, the epad always gives me the error: unexpected removal of usb key. Thanks for the help.
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    How to Backup?

    Hi, Is it possible to make a backup image or restore file of the google android tablet. I noticed in the device settings there is something called Backup, Restore but I want it either on a usb key, cd, or other computer just in case the tablet is non functional. Thanks.
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    Help needed about apps

    Hi, I have a google android 10 inch tablet and i have an applications questions. First some apps like Aquarium live wallpaper install fine, appear in the Managing software (where I can uninstall it) but does not appear anywhere on the device. Is it a problem with the software or is there a way...
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    New to the forum

    Hi, I just received a google android epad and I think these forums will be of great help to me. thanks:)