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    Coby 9740 custom rom?

    Is there a custom rom for the coby kros 9740 because All i see on internet is for the 9742
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    MID9740 question

    Ok so I rooted device with traveller steps and got superuser so it worked, I put the 9740 cwm recovery from vampirefo on my /internal/android/data folder. I followed the cwm recovery setting on the adb bat file and it said it installed successfully the cwm recovery, but when it reboots to...
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    Coby crashed

    I have the coby 9740 and I used livesuite to flash a custom rom the cfw_coby_9742.img off of a thread and now when I turn it on all i see is a gray and white bar screen thing it flashes and looks static in sort of a way, I have no idea what to do. is it broken??