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    Capacitive S7 Specs

    Yeah, gotta agree. If this ends up being the US version then not worth the extra $ just for multi touch. So far my resistive screen does everything i need it to do. Double tap to zoom works just fine. I'm kind of curious about cpu and memory specs though. Ives
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    nook forum competition

    Remember that this is not a S7 vs Nook competition but a S7 forum vs Nook forum competition. I felt bad for getting Matt to post in our forum so I tried to find the nook version of this thread but failed. Hey Matt, any chance you can post a link here for us and maybe :D i'll throw the nook forum...
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    nook forum competition

    All funnin aside, the Nook is an awesome tablet, especially after root with App market access. I don't like that the battery is not removable but that is a small nit to pick. Ives
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    nook forum competition

    Yeah i know, my niece has a color Nook that i played with, it was cute. She had a picture of a little kitten as her wallpaper and everything. Mostly just trying to keep the Nook Lovers posting in the S7 forums. Go team S7 :p
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    nook forum competition

    Reasons why the S7 is a keeper 1. Played some Angry Birds 2. Browsed some gaming sites while waiting for my wife at the doctors ( using my droid as a hot spot ) 3. Watched a StarGate episode while running on treadmill 4. Browsed you tube looking for workout videos 5. Did some sketching using...
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    Can I USB tether my HTC Hero to my S7 and use the internet from my Hero?

    Read through the sticky post on tips and tricks, theres a how to on this. It's a little involved but works. Wi Fi only as far as I know. Ives
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    Huawei S7 Accesories site

    That's an awesome case. Would the S7 see the keyboard through the usb? I've read that some people are using bluetooth keyboards but not sure about usb.
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    Just a big thanks to the Dev community

    I just wanted to mention how much I appreciate everything the people that spend there own time ( now a days time is a valuable commodity ) trying to get devices like the S7 customized for the rest of us. There is a handfull of Devs out in the world who really know what they are doing with these...
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    Huawei Ideos S7 - Post-Root Tips Sharing

    This is why i'm not to concerned about my S7 getting updated right away. It will not be long until " honeycomb " is released which is designed with the tablet market in mind. Then we will see some amazing tablets hitting the market. My S7 will keep me happy as is. I'll be spending my money on...
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    Huawei S7 Useful Tweaks and Tips

    Hey everyone Just started from scratch on the tether hack and it worked perfectly. I must of corrupted my wpa_supplicant file when i downloaded it before. Re-downloaded it and everything worked great. thanks for the help on this one. One more reason to keep the S7, great community support in...
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    Best Browser for S7

    100% agree, I will go back to stock browser when ( not if ) a newer os comes out. Ives
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    Tablets for Dummies

    One thing to check is that the router is set to accept the appropriate amount of clients. I had mine set to 3 clients ( 2 laptops and a desktop ). Bought the S7 and had connection problems before realizing i needed to add another client. Everything worked great after that. Ives Edit - only...
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    Resetting S7 Tablet back to stock

    Hey movado So you got me thinking about the archos. I went and researched it and the only archos 7 internet tablet i could find had some pretty slow specs. 600 ghz proc, 128 ram, the OS says linux. I couldn't find android mentioned anywhere on the spec page. Can you install apps or access market...
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    Huawei S7 Accesories site

    Nice, thanks for sharing. What's in the third picture? on the right..
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    Replacement Stylus?

    You know I went to office depot looking for a stylus and the guy kind of glazed over and asked me what a stylus was. I explained to him and he said he never heard of such a thing. I asked the cashier and was told they do not sell any kind of stylus. I was kind of shocked, figured if any one...
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    Reliability of S7

    No worries yet on the S7. Before this i had a black pandigital novel, most expensive door stop i've ever bought. Ives
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    Best Browser for S7

    Jumping on the skyfire bandwagon here. Mostly for the video support to cover lack of flash. Ives
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    Replacement Stylus?

    Do you have a screen protector? I use a ball point pen with all the ink removed, works well for me but i would not recommend it without a good screen protector. I just cut off the ink filled straw from the metal roller tip, cleaned out the left over ink from the metal tip and hot glued the tip...
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    Just a little humor

    Sound familiar to some of you..... This was taken from Absrtuse Goose web site, a once a day web comic site. Ives
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    the requested item could not be found

    did you get my private message?