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    Toshiba Tablet GPS?

    Does anyone know if this tablet will come with a true "GPS" Satellite sensor or is it just going to be the "agps" as featured on the Ipad? This will make a big difference on whether or not I purchase one. There are many places where you have great voice but no data. Thanks Charles
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    Database app for Android

    Does anyone know of a database app for Android? Something similar to the Bento app on Ipad. I currently have the Tmobile Vibrant and the Huawei S7. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way I don't mind paying for a good app.
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    Has anyone dealt with this site? If so what was your experience? Their prices look very good, so I'm thinking of trying them out. Thanks for any help.
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    A two part question. Does anyone know of a tablet that has a built-in GPS chip? Or a second question, is it possible to tether your android phone and use the GPS chip in it? The reason for the question. I travel as a field rep. about 60,000 miles a year and in many places do not have a data...
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    Cruz Reader Test

    For what it's worth. While visiting a local Borders Book Store, I saw that they had a fully functional "Cruz Reader" on display and available to try out. Try before buying, a great idea. So head over to your local Borders and see if they have one available to play with. Base on about 30 minutes...