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    Android Market on the Coby Kyros mid8024 no rooting needed

    great link! will give it a shot. There was one app I really wanted that was exclusive to the android market, really only reason I bought a tablet was to be able to use that app. Ended up being one that I couldn't buy cause it wasn't compatable. I ended up just google'n 'app-name.apk' and found...
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    incompatible apps? ~ Coby Kyros MID1125

    To the OP. Same thing here. After getting the market going most of the apps I did want were incompatible. They never showed up when I searched the market on my tablet but when I went to browser they showed up just with the message "this app is incompatible with your phone." And the reason I...
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    Android Market on the Coby Kyros mid8024 no rooting needed

    Have that same one and had no issues with the install at all (followed the steps in the 8th post down in this thread, in the order that gave). There is one small issue here. This tricks android market into thinking your device is an android phone and it's gotta be a real old model one because a...
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    Help with apps for MID7012

    Not entirely sure what you're asking. Help with how to download/find apps, install apps or just a good spot to find what's popular/good? Apps are almost entirely downloaded through 'markets'. Which are apps themselves that are basically stores. And like a grocery store there are lots of...
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    Android Market on the Coby Kyros mid8024 no rooting needed

    Went smooth on my 8125 Though I am having an issue with a lot of apps where it is telling me "this app is not compatable with your phone" With more than half the ones I'm after.
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    Unable to download Apps from APPSLIB... please HELP!!!

    The AppsLib market is down and has been for the holiday. They couldn't handle the load and crashed. Little research into it and you'll find out this happens very often, not just for the holidays. Very frequent and long lasting outtages throughout the year. And when it is up the selection is...
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    There are no Android devices associated with this account?

    Ok, for tablet users the issue is probably the make of your tablet. The Android Market only supports the big name brand tablets. If you've picked up one of the generic brands (the ones I saw a lot of in the holiday sale papers this year were Coby and Pandigital) the Android Market will not...