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    Coby Tablet 8042 Booting

    I started my tablet and it took forever. I kept getting a play store error and I couldnt get my wifi on. The play store error kept coming back. I thought restarting might work. Now I cant get it to boot fully? I have tried to boot into recovery. holding down volume down key and then power for 15...
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    Need Help

    I have been trying to root my coby 8042. I have followed the instructions on this page. I have rooted it and created a system dump. I put a copy of the recovery in the data...
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    MID 9042 Rooting/Getting Play Store

    Hi everyone, I just got a MID 9042 for a present. I realized it had getjar which is useless. I have spent probably last six hours trying to troubleshoot how to start rooting my tablet so I can get the playstore. I have read everything and I'm totally lost. I've downloaded the adb...