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    Where are Iconia apps sold?

    I am looking for a stylus that has a smaller point than my fingertip. I haven't found any. I want to keep my money in my local economy.
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    Sync Calendar with PC

    My Tablet used 2 accounts. Acer was default. I reset this to Google. Now I need to find a gopgle calender program for my PC
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    Sync Calendar with PC

    I would like to know how to link/sync the Google calendar on my PC with the apps on my phone and tablet. Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    Marquee and me; Get it together

    I have a new LG Marquee. I want to tether it to my Iconia. I also want to "sync" my library of apps, but mostly my calendar. Sent from my A500 using Android Tablet Forum
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    caps lock

    Thanks. With 20+ years on a PC, learning the differences on a tablet has taken some time. I still havent figured out cut and paste...
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    caps lock

    pardon my ignorance where is the Caps Lock on the android keyboard?
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    looking for historical naval combat game

    If i search the market for a naval war game in the "market" I get battleship. I am looking for something like Wooden Ships and Iron Men, Great Naval Battles or Harpoon. Any suggestions?
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    creating icons/folders/desktop cleanup

    I have an Iconia 500. It has little Icons for games, E-books and such. I would like to create an icon to store some of my icons to aps I use a lot but still want them off my desktop, like my bank app.
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    Where are Iconia apps sold?

    The stores in my area sell lots of accessories for Apple. Almost none for my Iconia. I do not like to buy online. Are there stores that sell accessories in the US?
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    Apart from agreeing with the previous poster, since most app developers are from the US they do apps for the US
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    I am new to this forum. I live in Gainesville FL and am the happy owner of an Acer 500. I currently have a blackberry phone, but will be trading it for an LG with Android soon, in about a week! I love the little robot.