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    books being uploaded to library without being told to

    Hi not sure if this problem should be here or in ME176CX forum.. I recently bought asus ME176CX running Kitkat 4.4 (I'm new to both) I don't want to use cloud storage or similar as I run using EE Mifi and want to waste Gb. I don't think I told the machine to upload or download ebooks...
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    sd card problem ?in asus me176cx both new

    Hi...... me176cx 4.4 and samsung evo 64gb card have had the card working although it took some fiddling, loaded some ebooks on then added some films had them both working really pleased with it using vlc and fbreader. Tried to add another film but something went wrong and it wouldn't play...
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    android newbie

    Hi just bought my first android an Asus memo hd7 really like it and Android Kitkat 4.4.2 its rather confusing after windows. Enjoying playing with it though. one of the reasons I bought it is to use as an ebook reader. I have lots of books on my pc in various formats that I use Calibre to...