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    Toshiba Tablet GPS?

    Does anyone know if this tablet will come with a true "GPS" Satellite sensor or is it just going to be the "agps" as featured on the Ipad? This will make a big difference on whether or not I purchase one. There are many places where you have great voice but no data. Thanks Charles
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    A Non-Authoritative Android Tablet Buying List: What to Get, What to Avoid (2010)

    I agree with listing. If the Samsung Tab was closer to the Huawei in price it would be a winner. However at $600 US it is over priced.
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    How to install flash 10.1 on Android 2.1

    I've got it installed and the only way I see videos is by using the Skyfire browser. But that's ok for now. By the way thanks for the quick reply.
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    How to install flash 10.1 on Android 2.1

    Has anyone installed this on The Huawei S7?
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    Office Essential Apps I need from Android

    What was the free one?
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    Office Essential Apps I need from Android

    I use Documents To Go Full version on both my S7 and my Vibrant, and have had no problems. However it does not have a database module. If anyone knows of one please post it.
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    Database app for Android

    Does anyone know of a database app for Android? Something similar to the Bento app on Ipad. I currently have the Tmobile Vibrant and the Huawei S7. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way I don't mind paying for a good app.
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    Huawei S7 Slips into BestBuy for $299 Now - Best Bang-for-Buck Data Capable Tablet

    I purchased one today from BB. I immediately put in a sim card from tmobile and had a fully functioning phone. It comes with the Android Market installed. My initial impression is that it handles mot tasks as well as the G1 and a similar screen. For $300 you get: 1. A fully functioning...
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    Welcome to the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Forum

    I went to T-mobile store today to check out this new product. Overall it is a good product. screen is fine. very responsive, brightness is ok. I was surprised to see a gps option but it never was able to find the location so I can't vouch for how it works. Since everyone has their own ideas as...
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    Has anyone dealt with this site? If so what was your experience? Their prices look very good, so I'm thinking of trying them out. Thanks for any help.
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    Free Tablet Giveaway!!!!

    a chance to give the tablet a complete workout. real world conditions, hot vehicles, bright daylight, being left on for 10+ hours each day.
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    Any idea as to when the Notion Ink will be available? It sounds like the one I would be most interested in.
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    A two part question. Does anyone know of a tablet that has a built-in GPS chip? Or a second question, is it possible to tether your android phone and use the GPS chip in it? The reason for the question. I travel as a field rep. about 60,000 miles a year and in many places do not have a data...
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    Cruz Reader Test

    For what it's worth. While visiting a local Borders Book Store, I saw that they had a fully functional "Cruz Reader" on display and available to try out. Try before buying, a great idea. So head over to your local Borders and see if they have one available to play with. Base on about 30 minutes...
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    Anyone see the New Archos tablets

    Is there any indication as to the distribution channel that Archos will use? I have some of the Archos PVR's and am pleased with those and would have no problem purchasing something from the company but still would like to know where to buy them locally. By the way I am interested in the 10 inch...
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    New Contest- Evaluation Unit Giveaway with poll

    1. Checking email on the road 2. surfing the web 3.using business type apps.:reading and editing word and excel type docs.
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    Anyone see the New Archos tablets

    Here is a link to the Specs on the Archos site.ARCHOS
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    Android 2.1 for 50$

    I just went to this site and noticed that that was a shipping charge, how ever there was a link to a free shipping version. Wholesale-Free shipping 10.2" W18 wifi Epad Google Android 2.1 system one year warranty. Two questions, is there free shipping? Has anyone dealt with this company before...
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    Free Tablet Giveaway!

    Great idea, but I come here to keep up with android news and will continue no matter what.
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    Building my perfect Android Tablet

    The minimum requirements for me are as follows: 10 inch or larger screen usb ports, the more the better SD Card slot for memory expansion at least 1gb memory, 16gb or more would be great Wifi ability to use all android apps a nice but not required feature would be the ability to tether my...